This Makeup Artist Transformed Himself Into Kat Von D & The Results Are Whoa

Alexis Stone/ Instagram

There's no better place to look for pure makeup artistry than the internet. From Instagram makeup artists to YouTube beauty influencers, the internet is filled with people bursting with talent. Makeup artist and drag performer Alexis Stone's celebrity transformations are just further proof of the jaw-dropping expertise lurking on the world wide web. But his talent doesn't come without critique.

Stone's work runs the gamut when it comes to transforming into famous faces. From fictional characters and celebrities, the makeup artist certainly knows how to manipulate his features using product. In fact, some of the looks are so convincing that it's almost impossible to tell the true celebrity from Stone without a hardcore second glance.

It's the unique subjects Stone focuses on, however, that really set his work apart. While celebrity transformations are fairly easy to find — but still incredible — for beauty junkie's, seeing Stone's work will definitely cause you to squeal. Not only has the makeup artist and drag queen transformed himself into CoverGirl and celebrity Ellen Degeneres, but he's also taken on some of YouTube's most popular beauty vloggers. From Jaclyn Hill to NikkieTutorials, lovers of gurus and beauty are sure to adore Stone's transformation.

While Stone's NikkieTutorials transformation is fairly mindblowing, she isn't the only beauty guru who loves a good glow that Stone has transformed into. Just wait until you see Jaclyn Hill.

While others have also crafted Jaclyn Hill transformations, Stone's eye look for this Hill transformation is spot on. Plus, peep that killer glow that's oh so Jaclyn Hill.

In a video posted to his account, Stone explains in a caption that to create the perfect Jaclyn look, he had to not only "feminize" his features, but alter his bone structure to match that of Hill. Clearly, his hard work paid off.

Perhaps one of Stone's most impressive looks is of artist and brand owner Kat Von D. Not only are the placement of Von D's tattoos perfect, but without a second, third, or maybe even fourth glance at the image, many may not be able to tell this isn't Von D herself.

While his Von D transformation is next level and the Jaclyn Hill and Nikkie Tutorials looks are superb, they aren't his only beauty inspired images. He also became influencer Nikita Dragon. And that's where the critiques begin.

Transformations like Stone's Nikita Dragon haven't been without controversy, even though the resulting look may be uncanny. Stone has also transformed himself into celebrities of other races, such as Rihanna and Jeremy Meeks, resulting in many accusing the drag queen of racism and blackface.

Stone addresses these issues saying in the description bar of a video, saying, "DISCLAIMER: I used the same shade of foundation that I use for a majority of my other transformations. I have not darkened my foundation shade to achieve this transformation. I am in no way racist nor do I promote racism. I am purely transforming my gender and bone structure with the art of makeup.

"I repeat, I have NOT darkened my foundation to achieve this look. Please refer back to my Donatella transformation and Goldie Hawn for confirmation. Love not hate! x"

When asked by Bustle about critiques of blackface and racial insensitivity, Stone chose not to comment.

Even with Stone's defense, critique and dialogue is needed and necessary in every aspect of beauty. For some, Stone's transformations into non-white celebrities are problematic, regardless of foundation shade he is using to achieve the final result.

Though Stone's talent is undeniable in his transformations, it's important to listen and respect the critiques of people of color — and put them above all good intentions.