This Makeup Blender Combines Silicone & Sponge, So You Don't Have To Choose Sides

There's been a divide going on in the makeup world lately. Are you on the side of the classic makeup sponge? Or will you cross over to the silicone side? Well, now you don't have to choose. The Enavee Makeup Blender is made of silicone and sponge, so you can get the benefits of both. Although it's not available just yet, it won't be long until this little blender takes over the makeup world.

When it comes to new makeup tools, it's hard to create something new. Other than your typical makeup brushes, there are sponges and silicone makeup applicators on the market. But, after testing and finding flaws with both of those concepts, engineer and Miss Canada Finalist Ena Vehabovic decided to create her own hybrid.

"I noticed that there was a lot of hype with the [silicone sponge] and I tested it out and it didn't work too well for me, but I loved the fact that it didn't waste product and it didn't smell bad, " Vehabovic tells Bustle via email.

That's when the Enavee Makeup Blender was born. Using platinum-grade silicone, Vehabovic's makeup tool has the feel of a sponge, but, just like the silicone sponge, doesn't soak up product. Basically, it's the best of both worlds.


That's not the only aspect of the blender that's changing, either. Instead if being completely round, there's a grip that you can hold as you apply the makeup. That makes it more hygienic than ever. The classic egg-shape has stayed the same though.


Unfortunately, you can't buy the sponge right now. The idea is still on Kickstarter, but you can pre-order one to be one of the first ones to get this in your makeup bag. The Envee Makeup Blender costs $19. It's not often that you can get the best of both worlds when it comes to makeup, so this is definitely something to keep an eye out for.


You have until Apr. 15 to help Vehabovic on Kickstarter. So what are you waiting for? Go head over there and give to a great beauty cause!