Finally! A Hack That Makes You Want To Clean Makeup Brushes

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Let's face it — no pun, either! Cleaning makeup brushes is a chore that hardly anyone looks forward to. Unless, of course, you are have a cleaning obsession or get a thrill out of caring for your tools. However, once you witness this Reddit makeup brush cleaning hack, which involves drying tools upside down, you will grumble and groan less at the task and your brush cleaning avoidance response will change.

First off, there is no shame in admitting that you may be a tad lax when it comes to brush cleaning. That said, it's still a bad habit. Cleanliness is crucial because brushes can breed bacteria, cause breakouts, and break down, not to mention the fact you can unintentionally mix colors due to leftover product on the bristles and end up with a green and pink smoky eye you never intended.

A Redditor who goes by the hey_im_allison handle shared a brilliant brush hack that saves time and keeps the integrity of brushes in tact. This hack'll make you want to spend your Friday evening getting your application tools in super clean, tip top shape. OK, so maybe not a Friday night but you catch my drift. The brush cleaning endeavor is a less of a hassle, thanks to this hack.


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hey_im_allison suggests banding brushes together with a trusty hair tie and fastening them upside down to a horizontal bar of some sort. I'm thinking a chair or a coffee table or even a towel rack in the bathroom. Place a fan under the bar while the brushes dry upside down.

Like so! Not only does this hack increase the speed of drying time, but it stops the remaining water in the hairs from running down the bristles to the handles, which can happen when you lay brushes flat to dry and could lead to damage, as Allure notes.

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Here, the water drips away from, rather than towards, the handle. Therefore, this hack increases the lifespan of your tools.

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hey_im_allison also notes that "while I'm washing them I set them down on a towel while I finish washing the others, then I take the time to hang them!" It sounds like she takes serious care when it comes to cleaning her tools.

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Brilliant. Just brilliant. So, who's in? Who's going to accelerate their plans for a makeup brush cleaning sesh due to this hack?