This Video Of A Male Makeup Artist's Super Supportive Dad Will Make You Feel So Many Things

When it comes to boys in beauty, there are a lot of recognizable names. From Patrick Starrr to MannyMUA, slowly but surely men in makeup is becoming normalized. These men, however, are faced with outdated gender stereotypes and fight battles just to express themselves in the beauty space. That may be why a tweet from makeup artist Andrew Edgerton is starting to go viral.

In a short video posted to his Twitter account, Edgerton shows himself doing a killer pink cut crease look when his dad comes into the room. In what could be one of the most heartwarming moments of 2018, Egerton's dad says, "That looks so freakin' awesome!" When Edgerton says thank you, his dad shouts, "Damn!" presumably in appreciation of his son's major skills.

That may not even be the best part, though. When the tweet started to go viral, the makeup artist and YouTuber showed his dad just how much attention the video was getting. His dad, though, wasn't impressed. Instead, his response was all about his son. According to Edgerton's follow-up tweet, his dad explained that he doesn't care about the attention or popularity of the tweet. He only cares about his son.

Yes, you can officially start crying now.

Twitter was quick to catch on to the Edgerton's story about his dad, and the reactions to the tweet are just as uplifting. When it comes to men wearing makeup, the internet can be a perilous place, but Edgerton's tweet and its responses can give some serious hope and joy to other male makeup artist.

Twitter basically fell in love with Edgerton and his dad almost immediately.

Calls were made to protect them both at all costs.

Of course, it's heard to deny that not only is the video super sweet, but Edgerton's makeup skills are also on point.

In a statement to Bustle, Edgerton explains that he feels lucky to have both a father and mother who encourage him to be himself in a world where the LGBTQ community — which is known for bending gender — faces such intolerance. He says:

The LGBTQ community faces such hardships in our society, and the discrimination, unfortunately, doesn't always stop at home. I've been so blessed to have a father AND mother who support me fully and encourage me to be my fullest, truest self. Knowing that no matter what happens when I leave my nest, I can come home to acceptance and love makes me feel not only safe, but PROUD to be who I am. It's so important that parents embrace their children and love them unconditionally."

Edgerton and his dad show just how powerful acceptance can be. In a news cycle that skews to the side of negativity, seeing love and acceptance on your Twitter timeline can be a breathe of fresh air.

Now, Edgerton is joining the ranks of other male makeup artist working to normalize and destigmatize the idea of men in makeup. Only last week, YouTube beauty guru MannyMUA (who's real name is Manny Gutierrez) took to his channel with his dad for Pride month to talk candidly about their struggles as a family when Gutierrez was growing up. The conversation is candid and emotional and powerful. It shows the importance of family acceptance within the community.

Edgerton, MannyMUA, and other male members of the beauty community are so important to create an inclusive environment where any one regardless of gender identity can be free to express themselves. Their stories and experiences should be heard and told, and while social media can often be criticized as being a toxic space, these beauty boys are working to make it an inclusive space.