This 'Mean Girls' Fan Used Makeup To BECOME The Burn Book & The Look Is So Fetch

Unless you've been living under a rock, you already know what day it is. And if you don't, then we can't be friends. Today marks the moment Aaron Samuels asked Cady Herring what day it was. Check your calendar because it's Oct. 3, hunty. The Mean Girls line is remembered well and this special effects makeup artist just payed homage to the film's Burn Book in the most iconic way.

While there's more than enough inspiration out there for a sickening Halloween costume, this time of year can hit us abruptly and out of nowhere. More often than not, many last-minute Halloween lovers will simply slab on a white leotard, bunny ears and a pair of opaque tights to preserve Regina George's classic Playboy bunny costume for All Hallows Eve. Others, on the other hand treat Halloween as if it's an Olympic sport. From planning costumes to creating custom designed accessories to masterful makeup, there are Halloween-goers who play no games during this holiday.

Some of the biggest challengers of Halloween are special effects makeup artists, and Instagrammer FX.Cat's ode to the Mean Girls movie is a flawless example of a fetch AF look. As a throwback from last year, she uses her face and body paint skills to share a face of full pink.

If I had even an ounce of talent in the arena of body and face paint, I'd (maybe) be able to do a glam version of Cady's "ex-wife" costume. But Alas. I'll leave it to professionals like FX.Cat and admire from a smartphone.

In a fast-forwarded Instagram video, Cat outlines each part of her face in black, filling in the lines with hot pink and adding black shadows and white detailing to exemplify the ripped pages of a destroyed Burn Book (RIP to a legend). To display the ripped version of the Burn Book, Cat fills in all of her face, save for the right side. She even adds the slightly faded Burn Book kiss mark and a blue eye contact to complete the look.

This Burn Book face paint makeup look is only one of many of FX.Cat's memorable costume features. In addition to this Mean Girls-inspired paint job, she's also faired well with even more elaborate looks. Between drafting each face of the Avengers on her skin and creating much creepier appearances like the nun from The Conjuring movies, FX.Cat takes Halloween makeup to a whole new level.

"You let it out honey. Put it in the book," she captioned the photo.

With a face as fierce as this demolished Burn Book, who really even needs a costume when you've got sweet skills like these?