This MUA's Lipstick Swatches Are A Work Of Art

Lipstick is great — and Kat Von D liquid lipsticks are some of the best in th e game — but who's to say they can only make magic on your lips? One London based makeup artist proved it: She created a floral mural with Kat Von D lipstick swatches.

The artist known as Stella Sabina is from the UK, and her work is pretty incredible. A quick scroll through her Instagram shows she doesn't just have the skill to create smoky shadows and flawless foundations — she's a straight up artist with a penchant for bright, catch-my-eye colors. From unicorn inspired eyelids to pastel-colored skeleton leaves lip art, she clearly has a large array of brightly-hued cosmetics. So it seemed only natural that she'd use her paints as, well, actual paints at some point.

And that's where her mural comes in. She created a sleeve of bright roses down her forearm, inventing a creative way to showcase the usual lipstick swatches people see in their Instagram feeds. "If you're a beauty junkie like me, you've probably seen about a million makeup swatches scrolling through Instagram. Here's how it goes: Another day, another lipstick launch, another square-shaped swatch graces your feed," Cosmopolitan rightly pointed out. But Stella broke that tried and true mold.

From dark blue to sizzling orange, to a magenta flower accented with teal, she made the most out of her Kat Von D's Everlasting Liquid Lipstick collection. "I was having trouble getting to sleep one evening so I kind of brainstormed ideas in my head as I was trying to get back to sleep," Stella shared with Bustle. "I remembered seeing a lot of artists swatching palettes and lipsticks, so I thought what would be a really cool way to do something really different with liquid lipsticks." She explained that she uses body paints in her college work, so she took that same concept and replaced it with the lippies to create the roses.

In case you want to get artsy with your own Kat Von D shades (or are simply inspired to try the colors on your lips now that you've seen how electric they are,) Stella shared the colors she used in the caption of her post. She sampled "Backstage Bambi" (a hot pink,) "Ayesha" (bright purple,) "L.U.V." (dark purple,) "Damned" (black,) "Outlaw" (bright red,) "A-Go-Go" (orange,) "Echo Supreme" (blue,) and "Requiem" (beige pink.) As you can see, the colors are highly pigmented and will add an electric kick to your makeup routine.

And if you yourself like to swatch shades, get inspired and try something a little more outside of the box and let those creative muscles — and lipstick skills — flex.