This Newly Discovered Crab Is Named After Two Harry Potter Characters

In case you needed a bit of silly news to brighten your day, this sallow crab is named for two Harry Potter characters, but no, Vincent Crabbe is not one of them. First discovered in 1998 by the late Harry Conley in a bed of dead coral in Guam, the Harryplax severus finally has a name.

Harryplax severus is a tiny crab, measuring 0.3 by 0.2 inches. It lives in its very own cupboard under the stairs, deeply embedded in coral rubble. National Geographic notes that the "milky-yellow creature" has "the shrunken, immobile eyes and pale coloration characteristic of living in murky habitats."

Following his death, Conley's specimens passed to Gustav Paulay, who was then associated with the University of Guam, but is now "a curator of marine malacology at the Florida Museum of Natural History," according to LiveScience. From Paulay, the collection passed to Peter K.L. Ng, who studied Conley's work and published findings along with Jose Christopher E. Mendoza. Both Ng and Mendoza are from the National University of Singapore.

Regarding the significance of the Harryplax severus' name, Mendoza and Ng write:

Harryplax severus, you were named for two of the finest wizards the world has ever known.