This News Anchor Finding A Hair Roller In Her 'Do Is All Of Us On Monday Morning

Mondays are hard, no matter what. If you had a long, relaxing weekend and are woken up early in the morning by the sound of your alarm clock, then you know just how hard the struggle can be. Just the act of brushing out your hair could be a trial, let alone trying to style it while still bleary eyed and yawning. This is something Kate Garraway, the temporary host of Good Morning Britain, had discovered first hand. While on air, the news anchor found a hair roller stuck in her hair, missing it while getting her hair done earlier that morning. Which is so relatable — how many times has a beauty mishap happened in your lifetime, from only adding eyeliner to one eye to heading out the door with a rogue sock stuck in your pant leg?

While she was sitting at the anchor desk with three other newscasters, she patted the back of her lob only to immediately start laughing. In her hand was a stray roller, which somehow got missed in the hair and makeup chair while they were prepping her to go on.

"I still got a roller in my hair," she said as she put her head down on the desk and the two other women burst out laughing, understanding the annoyance. The male newscaster to her side, Eamonn Holmes, chuckled perplexedly, like he wasn't sure why she had this velcro thing in her hand. Both Garraway and Holmes were standing in for the regular GMB hosts Susanna Reid and Piers Morgan, who were on break thanks to the Easter holidays. Which makes her snafu even more hilarious, since it's not even her regular job.

"I wondered what was itching me! I left a roller in," she said.

"You have so much hair, you can leave anything back there," one of the other anchors laughed. "I'm genuinely blushing," Garraway retorted. "Could be a bird in there, could be a nest," another piped in.

Seeing how the majority of us wake up with bedhead and know how hard it is to get oneself looking presentable before even your first cup of coffee, many can sympathize with this situation.

A clip of this hilarious moment was shared on GMB's Twitter, where the caption read, "Great start this morning – our @kategarraway discovered a rogue roller hidden in her hair – 'I wondered what was itching!' We've definitely got that #MondayMorning feeling!"

Followers thought this to be too funny, and they began tweeting their support. "Kate you are fabulously funny," one person wrote. "It would only happen to you Kate !!!!!!!" another shared.

Funnily enough, this isn't the first beauty or fashion malfunction that Garraway has experienced. About a year ago, when she was busy presenting a segment on GMB about the Queen's upcoming birthday celebrations, a button from the back of her dress popped off, making her grab for the neckline so it stayed in place.

"Has the Queen ever lost the button off the back of her dress during an important moment like mine did just there?" she joked on air.

“I must apologize for hoisting my dress up but it's burst, it has burst, I’m afraid. So, I’m sorry about that Arthur, you’d never get that with the Queen," she told the royal photographer she was interviewing. That just shows you malfunctions are normal, and you just have to power through them until you could move to the side and get them fixed. They're no big deal.

From rogue hair rollers to flying buttons, there are always going to be beauty stumbles along the way. Just laugh them off like Garraway does and keep on going!