This Peeps-Infused Cocktail Recipe Is The Perfect Easter Treat

If Easter had an official candy, Peeps would be it. And when you are an adult who has a sweet spot for the holiday, a Peeps-infused cocktail recipe is an absolute must. It does not mean you need to hunt down Peeps-flavored milk, though. You can make this boozy drink with actual Peeps and creamer, two things you probably already have.

It does not take much to realize that this is a seriously tasty spring cocktail. There is also a lot of room for customization. Marshmallow or vanilla-flavored vodka works best, but you can also use the regular kind. Even whipped cream, berry, and coconut flavors taste great. The cream rum can even be replaced with Baileys Irish Cream or another cream liqueur. Sensing a trend? You have options, people.

You can easily make a martini version, too. A “Peeptini,” if you will. Simply add all the ingredients into a martini shaker and give it a good shake. Cover the rim with colored sugar and pour your tasty concoction.

While you are it, make a delicious Peeps recipe or two. It is the best way to honor these sugary marshmallow treats. If all else fails, make a batch of s’mores with Peeps to serve with this cocktail. Yum.

Kirsten Nunez


  • 1 shot marshmallow or vanilla vodka
  • 1 shot coconut cream rum
  • 1 cup creamer
  • Peeps
  • Food coloring (and toothpick)
  • White sugar

If you'd like to make a dairy-free Peeps cocktail, use coconut or soy creamer.

Kirsten Nunez

1. Over low heat, warm the creamer. Add two Peeps marshmallows. Once the creamer starts to heat up, break apart the marshmallows with a spoon. RIP, little guys.

It's important to avoid overheating the creamer. So, once most of the Peeps have dissolved, scoop out any chunks and discard. Remove the creamer from the stove and let cool.

Kirsten Nunez

2. While the creamer is cooling, add one or two drops of food coloring to the sugar. Mix with a toothpick.

Kirsten Nunez

3. Pour the sugar on to a cookie sheet or plate. Dip the rim of a glass with water or booze. Next, dip into the sugar.

Kirsten Nunez

4. Pour the infused creamer, vodka, and coconut cream rum into the glass. Mix well. To add a Peep to the rim, slice a small notch and add it to the edge. The bunnies work best for this.

Kirsten Nunez

I'll take five, please.