Meet The Phone Case That Will Hold Your Makeup

by Kali Borovic

We've all been there. You're standing there in the perfect lighting and pose, thinking "gee, I really wish I could touch-up my makeup really quickly." Well, now you can. PoutCase created a phone case that holds makeup, so you can apply your makeup while reading your texts. With a goal to "solve the problem of having too many things and too little space," Poutcase is making on-the-go makeup application easier than ever.

This UK brand is changing the way you do makeup once and for all. Combining tech and beauty, PoutCase came up with a phone case that houses three different pans of product, so you can touch-up with ease. The idea is a simple one. Just attached the case to the back of your phone, and slide it down to reveal the foundation, lip balm, and lipstick of your choosing. You can even use your camera as a mirror to apply the makeup.

Mobile Beauty Case, $34, PoutCase

According to their website, the PoutCase is available for pre-sale right now. The actual case comes in four colors — black and gold, black and pink, white and gold, and white and pink. There are just as many options when it comes to the makeup too. PoutCase is starting out with a bang by offering seven shades of lipsticks, four foundation colors, and a lip balm. Although it's not something for everyone, it's a great start.

Of course, like all great makeup creations, this one will cost you. The three makeup pans cost about $22.39, while the actual case itself is $33.59. That brings the entire purchase to a cool $55, which is a small price to pay for an innovative makeup product. As of right now, the cases only fit iPhone 6, 6S, and 7.

Mobile Beauty Case, $34, Pout Case

As far as the makeup goes, there isn't a lot of information on the website. While the website does say that they use avocado oil and vitamin E, PoutCase don't give a rundown of the rest of the ingredients. Bustle reached out to the brand to find out more about the makeup and see how the device deals with the phone heating up, which are two of my biggest concerns.

This is the start of something beautiful, if you ask me. Having makeup wherever you go is pretty much a makeup lovers dream come true. There's no word on the official launch of the item yet, but an innovation like this is sure to sell fast. I'd pre-order yours today, if you're looking to grab one for sure.