This Phone Case Stores An Engagement Ring So Your Proposal Can Be Captured Live On Camera & The Internet Is Not OK

Are we really gotten to a point with social media where we're that desperate to share everything in real time? If technology has to be involved in every single part of that, then we've got nothing left. Personally, I can think of few things as intimate and personal as proposing, but for some, it's something they want to share with the whole world the moment it's happening. And that's where the RokShok, an enragement ring phone case, comes in.

Basically, it's a phone case where you can secretly store an engagement ring (it looks just like a battery pack, the website says) and then, when you pull it open, it not only reveals the ring, but it also makes sure that you get the whole thing recorded. Yup, so it holds the ring, gets the ring into the photo (because god forbid it's not in there), it allows you to take a photo and immediately share to social media — and blocks the view between you and the person who is apparently the most important thing to you in the world (besides Instagram, obvi).

If just using technology to record the big day isn't enough, the website suggests that you can even go one step further. "Whether its Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat, instantly share the big news with the world," it says. "Include family and friends in the moment by proposing LIVE." Because nothing is sacred and this is how the world will end. Not with a bang, but with a snap... chat.

But just to get an idea of his whole concept is this is what it looks like:


While this might be exactly what your friends obsessed with social media would want — Twitter is having none of it, as usual. Here's what the internet had to say.

1. Some People Just Couldn't Stomach It

sallyyuelin on Twitter

2. The Straight Up "No"

tomhockett on Twitter

3. The End Of Days

abdo_eldesokey on Twitter

4. The. Worst. Ever.

peterhoskinstv on Twitter

5. Carrie Bradshaw Says No

chriscodyyy on Twitter

6. Snaps Or It Didn't Happen

pete_walker1988 on Twitter

7. An Ambivalent Response

mvmntcoach on Twitter

9. The Right Response

atiyawhc on Twitter

10. A Valid Question

r7f1 on Twitter

12. Well Spotted

hanso_handys on Twitter

13. Just Some Mild Bemusement

shoshanakaliski on Twitter

14. Rejection In Surround Sound

thelastnumber99 on Twitter

15. This Hard Truth

ilium007 on Twitter

For those who want to capture their engagement in real time, this phone case may be a dream come true. But if you can't wrap your mind around about why this is an actual product that exists right now, know that neither can the internet. And there's likely something comforting about that.