The Fab Five Gave A Puppy A Makeover In What Might Be The Cutest 'Queer Eye' Episode Yet

Christopher Smith/Netflix

During Queer Eye's hiatus between seasons, it's sometimes unclear where to turn to to get your fill of uplifting makeover content. Of course, re-watching the first three seasons of the Netflix reality show is always a good option, as is constantly checking in on the Fab Five's Instagram posts. No matter how many push notifications you've set, though, nothing beats a new episode of Queer Eye. Fortunately the Fab Five, Antoni Porowski, Tan France, Karamo Brown, Bobby Berk, and Jonathan Van Ness have rallied together for a special Queer Eye mini-episode featuring a dog makeover in honor of "Adopt a Shelter Pet Day," which falls on Tuesday, April 30.

In the hilarious 15 minute episode, the Fab Five convene in New York City to help bring the rescued dog Lacey "from ruff to riches." Lacey is a mixed-breed pup that was rescued from a kill shelter in Tennessee by New York's North Shore Animal League America. Considering that the Venn-diagram illustrating people who love Queer Eye and the people who love dogs is probably just two circles on top of one another, this mini-episode hits the sweet spot for fans of content that's extremely their vibe.

Even if you're more of a cat person, you'll definitely appreciate the silly yet heartwarming scenes in which the Fab Five helping make Lacy adoption-ready. From Porowski baking doggie treats to Brown giving Lacey the mantra, "I'm a good girl and I deserve love," this Queer Eye dog makeover will make you roll over with laughter like you're a good dog yourself.

As much as you might expect a dog makeover to include a whole montage of adorable dog outfits being modeled by Lacey, France took a firm stance against dressing up dogs declaring, "We do not appreciate clothes on dogs." Considering the fashion expert's major influence over changing the way everyone tucks in their shirts, it wouldn't really be surprising if every Queer Eye fan immediately threw away all of their hot dog costumes and doggy tutus after hearing France disapprove of the whole trend.

As with all Queer Eye episodes, Lacey's makeover had a happy ending. She was adopted by Long Islanders Demetrio and Valerie DeGregorie. According to a Netflix press release obtained by Bustle, DeGregorie works at the shelter where Lacey was living, and she "was so struck by [Lacey's] sweetness." It seems that the Fab Five were love-struck as well. In the video, they couldn't get enough of Lacey's playful attitude.

The group has already shared their appreciation for dogs by introducing the French bulldog Bruley in Season 3. Even though Bruley technically belongs to one of the Queer Eye producers, Michelle Silva, he's practically a member of the Fab Five now, so at least Queer Eye fans can probably expect to see more dog action on the show's fourth season. Though, whether they'll give Bruley a pup-makeover remains to be seen.

If you can get through the new mini-episode of Queer Eye without rushing to your local animal shelter to find your own Lacey, you might just be a cat person after all. That's fine too, though, because there are plenty of sweet kitties that need to be rescued as well.