This 'Riverdale' Eyeshadow Palette Is Fit For A River Vixen & It's Less Than A Meal At Pop's

There are two things that every Riverdale fan knows. There's always a little bit of drama and the River Vixens know best. As Revelist found, Hot Topic is selling a Riverdale Eyeshadow Palette that combines the two perfectly. The palette is in team colors and even has its own pom-poms. Plus it's so affordable that it will cost you less than a burger, fries, and milkshake from Pop's.

Every show has its' merch, but not all of it is created equal. While there are tons of South Side High tees floating around out there, now there's something for makeup lovers too. Hot Topic is selling a Riverdale Cheer Eyeshadow Palette that is exclusive to the website. The nine-shade palette ranges from wearable browns to bold hues like purple and green.

But the real winner of the palette are all the little details. On top of the blue and gold color of the palette and pom-poms attached, there's also a double-sided makeup brush included. The tool matches the palette in color and even has the name of the show on it.

You can shop the Riverdale Cheer Palette right now on the Hot Topic website for $11.92. It's 20 percent off the original price, so you can look great and have a tiny little piece of the show.

Riverdale Cheer Eyeshadow Palette Hot Top Exclusive, $12 (originally $14.90), Hot Topic

If you think the price, look, and shades are good, just wait. The best part are the names. While some speak for themselves like the bright purple one Riverdale and the light brown one called Pussycat, other are only known by true fans.

There's a shimmery green "I'm A Weirdo," which not only is the signature color of the South Side Serpents, but it's also a meme-worthy quote from Jughead. Other colors include the shimmer white one called "My Specialty Is Ice" and a bright pink "I Love You, Betty Cooper." Oh and there's even a pitch black one named "Dark Betty."

Others include signature and a tad bit quirky names of characters like "Cherry Blossom" after Cheryl and "Ginger Stallion" after Archie. There's even a shimmery brown called "Chock'Lit Shoppe." This palette was made for the truest of Riverdale fans and the proof is in the details of the palette.

There's just one little problem with the palette — the pigmentation. According to Revelist, YouTuber Nerdy Girl Makeup did a review of the palette and found that it's not the best on the market. Hot Topic is not exclusively a beauty brand, so this comes as no surprise. If you're buying this palette specifically for the fandom, you really can't pass up a $12 deal though.

This isn't the only Riverdale merch that Hot Topic sells though. They have everything from South Side High patches that you can iron onto your denim or leather jacket to Jughead's iconic crown as a necklace. So even if the makeup is a bit disappointing, you can make up for it with other merch.

Or you can always opt to just have this sit on your makeup table. The front resembles a Riverside High varsity jacket. It even has a fuzzy, patch-inspired "R" on the front. Between that and the pom-poms, it doesn't get more school spirited than this. Not even Cheryl got get more peppy. It's just a shame that it doesn't come with a classic red lipstick as well.

Riverdale Cheer Eyeshadow Palette Hot Top Exclusive, $12 (originally $14.90), Hot Topic

A palette this cute won't be around forever. It might not be in-stores in your area, so online shopping is your best option for stocking up on the kit. You might not be able to attend the high school, but at least you'll be able to look like you're there.