'Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants' Fans NEED To Amber Tamblyn's Birthday Wish For Her Co-Star

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

More than a decade after they met filming 2005's The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, America Ferrera, Amber Tamblyn, Blake Lively, and Alexis Bledel still fit together like that perfect pair of jeans. If you need any proof that their sisterhood is as strong as ever, Amber Tamblyn's Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants birthday message to America Ferrera via Twitter on Wednesday, April 18 was so sweet.

To celebrate her former castmate's 34th birthday, Tamblyn shared a photobooth snap of the Sisterhood crew, adding some of her own artwork. "I may not know how to draw hearts and Blake may not know how to chill in a photo booth and Alexis may think we’re nuts but we know a damn good friend and that’s @AmericaFerrera," she tweeted. "Happy bday, girl. We can’t wait for us to have a baby together. #SorryRyan #Sisters #ButAlsoFathers"

As she noted in her post, the Superstore actress has something extra to celebrate this year: She and husband Ryan Piers Williams announced on New Year's Eve that they are expecting their first child together. And the sisterhood proved they celebrate motherhood just as well, all coming together for a reunion after Ferrera shared the happy news.

“Starting the New Year off with blessings from my Sisterhood," Ferrera posted along with an adorable photo of her BFFs (all of whom are now moms) cradling her growing belly growing belly January 2. "We’ve got work to do for the next generation. Let’s get to it."

From attending each other's weddings to celebrating holidays together, the girls rarely miss a chance to reunite. Lively gave us a glimpse of one group hangout, calling the girls her "#sisterhusbands" in a July 2016 Instagram. And months later, she also kicked off 2017 sharing a screenshot of herself and Tamblyn on a FaceTime call with Ferrera, adding the caption, "This year has taught us a lot. But it’s reminded us to practice something we’ve always known. ‘Love your pals. Love yourself,’ Happy 2017.”

Whether or not one of those future reunions will come in the form of a third Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants film remains to be seen — but some of the girls have said they would certainly be game to do it. Lively first teased the possibility of a followup to the 2008 sequel, telling Entertainment Weekly in 2016, “There is a strong chance there might be a third. The four of us are still best friends and to be able to create something together again has always been a dream of ours. But it would have to be something that really made sense. If you wait this long to do a third movie, it needs to honor the story and the legacy.”

Bledel also chimed in later that year, giving fans even more hope. “We would all love to do it. I think it would be so much fun and we talk about it a lot. It would be so much fun,” she told Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show in November 2016. “And I think we should absolutely do it. We’re working on it, so we’ll see if it happens!”

Although Ferrera couldn't be with her girls to ring in 34, she certainly has been showered with love on her special day, sharing on social media that her husband (who she adorably referred to as "my sweet love, baby daddy, sugar pie") had gifted her pre-birthday flowers before surprising her in bed with a huge bouquet of balloons. She also said she'd been enjoying "all the desserts," including one delicious-looking slice of chocolate birthday cake.

"I’m just trying to get to my HOT 80’s like Maya Angelou told me to!" she wrote on Instagram. "But for now, I’m grateful for the 34 years of getting to know myself. I appreciate the opportunity to come closer to the best version of me through my friends, my family, my community, my loves, my creativity, the heartbreaks and the challenges. Today I give thanks for all the love in my life and for all the love to come!!! [heart eyes emoji] #34."

Whatever new adventures age 34 brings for Ferrera, there's not doubt her Sisterhood co-stars will be by her side, giving us all the most serious friendship goals, of course.