This Foldable Cover Turns The Arm Of Your Couch Into A Plate

There are very few places in my house that I would not eat in. I've been known to have meals sitting on the floor, straight off my kitchen counter, hunched over my laptop, and, of course, in front of the TV. And it can be a messy business. But now that I have discovered the glory of the sofa tray table, I feel like a whole new woman. This Sofa Arm Tray Table from Kleeger takes your sofa arm and makes it into a damn plate — so living room eating can be that much easier.

In fact, Amazon is full of sofa tray table options. This particular one is flexible, so it molds to the shape of the arm of your sofa and gives you a flat, stable place to put your food and drinks. If you've ever precariously balanced a hot drink on your sofa arm only to have it spill across your entire lap and make you feel like you are a fiery fire of sadness, you'll understand just how vital a product like this is. At around $23, you'll be able to transform your dinner time TV experience. Now, if they could only come up with a product that lets the perfect show immediately appear on our TV before your food gets cold, we would truly be living the dream.

And if you don't like the idea of using a sofa arm as a plate because, I don't know, you think you're better than me or something, then this tray is flexible enough to be used as a placemat for any area you don't want to get dirty — or if you just want a little more stability. It's your home, so you should be able to eat wherever you want to eat, right?

With fall finally in its swing, I'm very excited at the idea of any product that helps me snuggle in and make the season as cozy as possible — and a sofa arm tray certainly has the power to make my days and nights warm and fuzzy. In fact, I may just pair it with the perfect pizza blanket, which will let me feel like I am as warm and delicious as a slice of pizza — while I eat a slice of pizza, of course. In fact, if you really want to get in on that fall action, you can get a giant sweatshirt that also acts as a blanket, because the world is a beautiful place full of possibilities.

And just to make fall even better, don't forget that we have tons of Halloween candy coming our way to really make the season complete — I have to say that I can imagine myself curled up on the couch eating my way through an entire bag of Sweet Cinnamon Kit Kats any day now.

If you also happen to be someone who loves to eat on the comfort of their couch, then you'll know just how revolutionary a sofa arm tray table is. The chance to eat without spilling hot soup all over your legs and ruining every bit of fabric in the area? These are the things that dreams are made on. Get your fall cozy on, ASAP.