You Have To See This "Starry Night" Highlighter

by Kali Borovic

Any beauty lover will tell you the same thing — makeup is art. But this time, the rest of the world will see it, too. Clionadh Cosmetics created a highlighter replica of Vincent Van Gogh's "The Starry Night" painting, according to Teen Vogue. It's a work of art, really. This is one product that I can guarantee that you've never seen before, and it won't be the last makeup masterpiece, either.

The highlighter game has been strong for awhile now. Since almost every brand is creating the product, some companies are going above and beyond to make them as intricate as possible (just look at Lancôme's La Rôse). But this time the highlighter pan is one of a kind, quite literally. To celebrate reaching five thousand followers on Instagram, Clionadh Cosmetics is auctioning off its Van Gogh highlighter — and they only made one of them.

Unfortunately, the price of the Van Gogh highlighter is undetermined. Instead of stocking their site with the products and selling them, the brand made one pan and is auctioning it off. So if you want this beauty in your life, you'll have to be the one that offers the most money.

To be completely honest, I don't know how someone would be able to use the product — it's just too pretty to mess up! But if you want to be the one to decide it's fate, you'll have to win it. The auction is open internationally and starts on Mar. 30 (which is Van Gogh's birthday, Teen Vogue reports) at 3 p.m. ET. It will go until Apr. 13, with the brand giving updates on their Instagram.

According to the brand's Instagram, this isn't the only work of makeup art that is to come, either. Clionadh Cosmetics plans to release even more shades. Until then, here are some other epic highlighters to stock up on.

1. Burberry's Runway Palette

Burberry Beauty Runway Palette, $68, Net-A-Porter

The blend of color and pattern of the pan is incredible.

2. Canmake Fleur Highlighter

Canmake Glow Fleur Highlighter, $10, Amazon

Because every flower bouquet needs to be colorful

3. Laura Mercier's Face Illuminator

Face Illuminator in Devotion, $44, Laura Mercier

Is this a highlighter or a piece of fabric?

4. Too Faced's Love Light Prismatic Highlighter

Too Faced's Love Light Prismatic Highlighter, $30, Ulta

This highlighter looks like a full-on gem.

5. Makeup Revolution's Skin Kiss

Makeup Revolution Skin Kiss in Peach Kiss, $9, Ulta

You can get intricate for less too.

6. Dior's Diorskin Nude Luminizer

Dior Diorskin Nude Air Luminizer Powder, $56, Sephora

In case you forget what your highlighter is called...

7. Becca's Shimmering Skin Perfector

Becca's Shimmering Skin Perfector in Bronzed Amber, $38, Ulta

Another gorgeous gem-ified option.

No matter which one your choose, these will all look gorgeous on your makeup table.