Watch This Tattoo Artist Make Up Her Rihanna "Tattoo" With Fenty Beauty Products

Chris J Ratcliffe/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Rihanna's beauty line didn't just completely change the makeup industry; it's inspiring people to be more creative than ever. As Cosmopolitan found, tattoo artist Alena Wedderburn uses Fenty Beauty makeup to create temporary tattoos that will put your makeup application to shame. She combines makeup and tattooing together to make for seriously stunning portraits. I'm talking better makeup application on a fake Rihanna than you can do on yourself.

The power of makeup is pretty much endless, and Rihanna's line proves it. Not only did her whopping 40 shade foundation range land on TIME's Best Inventions of 2017 List, but it's also inspired people to create in brand new ways. And I'm not just talking about using the packaging to keep track of your earrings. Like tattoo Prague-based artist Wedderburn, who spends one to two hours creating temporary tattoos of Rihanna out of makeup.

"I’ve been drawing her portraits using a lot of media like graphite pencil, colored pencil, acrylics, oil paints, Copic markers, and watercolor. When I first started doing her make up portraits, she didn’t have her own beauty line as yet," Wedderburn tells Bustle. "I was just basically playing around with make up and thought that would be cool to experiment with make up and made her portrait with what I had."

That all changed when Fenty Beauty came out. The artist started using the singer's own line to create temporary makeup tattoos of her. The outcome is absolutely incredible.

Wedderburn's videos are even more epic than your favorite makeup tutorials. She first draws the photos of Rihanna on her skin or on paper and then embellishes the look with Fenty Beauty. All in all, the tattoo artist says it takes around one to two hours.

"When [Rihanna] announced her make up line coming out, I said myself, 'I just have to have it'," Wedderburn says. "And my loving husband got me almost all the products from Fenty Beauty as an early Christmas gift. So I’m so grateful to him, and he babysit our baby when I work on my portraits."

She uses everything from the Fenty Beauty's Holiday Collection eyeshadow palette for highlight and shadow to the Stunna Lipstick. She says that the "saddest moment of creating these portraits" is when she has to wipe it off. Thankfully, she posts the videos to Instagram so they're gone but not forgotten.

Just one scroll though Wedderburn's Instagram and you'll see how deep her long for Rihanna and talent goes. The tattoo artist has been posting photos and drawings of the singer since 2013. Rihanna even followed her on Instagram the same year.

She doesn't just keep her talents to pen and paper, either. Wedderburn has created Rihanna tattoos for people, too. The artist actually drew a portrait of the singer and then tattooed it one someone. She also sketches iconic outfits and moments from Rihanna's life.

As if all of that fandom isn't enough, Rihanna was one of the first people to know that Wedderburn was expecting. The artist messaged her back on Instagram and got a reply from the Fenty Beauty creator herself.

If a mega-superfan is a thing, that's what Wedderburn is. And her talent proves just how inspiring Fenty Beauty is for fans like her. It's not just changing the way that people see the makeup industry, it's inspiring people to branch out and let their creative abilities soar.

Wedderburn's artistry also show just how versatile the Fenty Beauty products are. Not only is there a shade to match just about every skin tone, but there' a tool for every sketch. Now we can enjoy endless Fenty art.