Kelly Clarkson & 'Stranger Things' Gaten Matarazzo's Duet Will Blow You Away

Canada has offered up yet another reason why it should be considered for the world's coolest country award — it brought the unexpected musical dream team of Kelly Clarkson and Gaten Matarazzo singing together. The American Idol winner and the Stranger Things actor star in a video for Canada's We Day where they sing "We Are Family" and "We Are the Champions" together. And it's magical. Stranger Things fans already know that Matarazzo can sing, but hearing him make beautiful music with Clarkson is still a treat.

They may seem like an unlikely pair, but Clarkson and Matarazzo offer up the sing-along you didn't know you needed in your life. Their voices compliment each other perfectly, especially when Matarazzo hits the high note in his brief rendition of "We Are the Champions."

Clarkson appeared to be so blown away by the actor's talents, she had to ask her Twitter and Instagram followers, "DID YOU KNOW: @GatenM123 of #StrangerThings has an awesome voice?" It's safe to say that many of Matarazzo's followers are well aware of his musical talents. The 15-year-old got his start on Broadway at the age of 9 when he landed a role in the musical Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. From there, Matarazzo went on to play Gavroche in Les Misérables on the Broadway stage, before landing his role as Stranger Things' nougat-loving Dustin.

It's not at all uncommon for Stranger Things devotees to fall into internet rabbit holes while watching videos of Matarazzo singing. His Broadway caliber vocal stylings must be heard to be believed. Even though he's just playing around in his video with Clarkson, his raw talent still shines through, as does all of the charm he infuses into the too precious for this world Dustin.

Matarazzo and Clarkson are so good together, you might just find yourself wishing she would pop up as a music teacher in Season 3 of Stranger Things. Sure, the show is action-packed, but there's always time for a subplot about Dustin realizing he's a singer, right? Even if Clarkson isn't destined for a visit to the Upside Down, at least there's video proof of her rocking out with Matarazzo.

The young actor starred in several We Day videos for the charity event, but the only celebrity he sings with is the brilliant Clarkson. That doesn't make his rides with Girl Meets World star Sabrina Carpenter or High School Musical actor Vanessa Hudgens any less adorable though. It seems whether Matarazzo is harmonizing with Clarkson, eating poutine with Carpenter, or quizzing Hudgens, he's a total sweetheart with perfect comic timing.

While all of the celebrities participating in We Day seem to be having a blast, they're not just there to have a good time. We Day is all about young people and giving back. The Canadian organization empowers the next generation to use their voices to create a positive change in the world. This is Matarazzo's first year participating in the event, and in a video interview for We Day, he explained that he's most passionate about his organization CCD Smiles.

CCD Smiles was founded in 2013 by Dr. Kelly Wosnik as a way to help people with Cleidocranial Dysplasia. Like Wosnik, Matarazzo has the rare skeletal disorder, and in 2016 he and his family helped her make CCD Smiles an official nonprofit organization. Since then, the actor has been busy collaborating on the designs for the foundation's products, as well as spreading awareness about CCD. Thanks to We Day, Matarazzo will have one of his biggest platforms yet to talk about what life with CCD is like, and to share ways to help others who are living with the disorder.

We Day airs in Canada on CTV this Saturday, Nov. 25, but if you live elsewhere, you can watch the star-studded event on the organization's website. In the meantime, why not bask in the awesomeness that is Clarkson and Matarazzo's duet?