Khloé Just Responded To An Incredibly Bizarre Pregnancy Rumor & Didn’t Hold Back

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Doesn't it seem like there's a new rumor about one of the Kardashians that pops up every day at this point? Well, this time it's Khloé Kardashian who's dealing with a silly piece of gossip. On March 19 Khloé Kardashian responded to a pregnancy-related rumor on Twitter. The Revenge Body star was not afraid to hold back her feelings on the "bizarre" social media comment.

One Twitter user couldn't help but share their excitement over some recent Kardashian news of theirs. However, she's probably wishing that she double-checked the facts right about now. She tweeted, "My dad is currently staying for a 'work trip' in the hotel @khloekardashian conceived her baby and I've never felt true jealousy until now."

Since she tagged the reality star in the tweet, it wasn't long before Kardashian took note of the interesting comment. And it's safe to say that this hotel story doesn't exactly hold a lot of weight. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star tweeted, "That's f*cking bizarre! I didn't conceive my baby in a hotel room. why on earth would your father even tell you that? Weird." It's great that she was able to clear up this wild gossip, but it's interesting that something this random was even rumored in the first place.

Luckily, the user took the awkward interaction in stride and clarified how this rumor started up — and no, her dad didn't make it up. Basically, she said the hotel falsely told guests the rumor about the reality star conceiving her baby there. That's a really weird thing to just make up, to be honest. The fan also sent their well wishes over to Kardashian, so it seems there are no hard feelings about this mix-up.

The reality star has actually been pretty active on Twitter as of late and has been sharing a lot more about her pregnancy journey with her fans. On March 4, she told her followers that she was thinking of giving her little girl a name starting with a "K" or a "T." However, it seems like she's narrowed her decision down even further and said that she's going the "T" route. That still hasn't stopped some fans from theorizing about the little one's potential name, though.

One fan tweeted about how some have guessed that Kardashian will name her baby "Rose" (maybe because of the reality star's flower-filled photos?). Yet, the name is not even on the star's list, as she revealed to her followers.

Another fan questioned whether Kardashian was going to name her baby "Elle" or "Ella" because of the elephant decorations at her baby shower and in a photo of what appears to be her baby's nursery. However, don't hold your breath for an "Ella Thompson" announcement, as Kardashian struck down that theory, too.

You can always count on Kardashian to keep things real. She's just like her famous family members in that way. When there's a ridiculous rumor out there about the family, rest assured that they'll see fit to dispel it. Kim Kardashian even had a bit of fun tearing down some of the wildest pieces of gossip in the Kardashian rumor mill when she sat down with Elle in an interview from March 15.

In the video, Kim broke down some of the most random headlines out there about her family and fixed some of them so that they were a little more truthful. At one point in the interview, she cleared things up about Kris Jenner's "momager" trademark case that made headlines a few years ago. In terms of that headline, Kim changed it to "Kris Jenner Has Trademarked The Word 'Momager' And That Was... A Decade Ago." The fam will always be sure to help keep these facts straight.

The Kardashians have been plagued by some of the wildest pieces of gossip out there ever since they came to prominence about a decade ago. But, those constant rumors will never be able to keep any of the Kardashians down, especially any of the more ridiculous ones.