All Proceeds From This Lipstick Go To Homeless Animals Impacted By Hurricane Harvey

When Hurricane Harvey swept through Houston, it left over 30,000 people displaced. It also left animals without homes and, in some cases, fighting for their lives. While it might be impossible to help each and every animal yourself, there's a way to help out and get your makeup fix at the same time. Winky Lux is donating all proceeds of their Pippy Lipsticks to the Houston Humane Society, a non-profit pet rescue, pet adoption and animal shelter in Houston. Get your wallets ready.

This lipstick might not have been created exclusively for Houston, but it's already heartening inspiration is amplified when applied to this specific tragedy and cause. According to the website, Winky Lux's Pippy lipstick — which retails for $14 — was named after CEO Natalie Mackey’s french bulldog Pippy Lou. The shade is a stunning mauve pink and is also cruelty-free.

Pippy is currently in-stock on Winky Lux's website right now. The color is deemed "universally flattering" and "a staple" by the makeup brand, which makes it the perfect shade to give back.

The lippie will stay charitable from now until Sept. 5, according to the brand.

Pippy, $14, Winky Lux

The Houston Humane Society is has already started taking in animals that have been displaced in the storm, according to their Instagram page.

Pippy, $14, Winky Lux

If you get hooked on Pippy, don't worry. The shade will be available after Sept. 5, too. It is a permanent part of the brand's lipstick collection and comes in their iconic pill packaging.

Pippy, $14, Winky Lux

There's never been a more appropriate time to break a spending ban than right now. If only little lippie can make such a huge difference, it definitely belongs in your makeup bag.