This Woman Flipped Off Trump's Motorcade & Twitter Is Calling Her A Hero


A woman in Virginia gave a pretty unusual salute to the president on Saturday, and Twitter is now hailing her a hero. The female cyclist flipped off President Trump not once, but twice as his motorcade drove past her when it left Trump National Golf Club after one of the President's routine golf trips.

The entire exchange was not only captured on camera in a snapshot that has since gone viral, but was also described in detail in a hilarious White House pool report. According to the report, Trump's motorcade "overtook a female cyclist, wearing a white top and cycling helmet, who responded by giving the middle finger. The motorcade had to slow and the cyclist caught up, still offering the finger, before turning off in a different direction."

The report also describes another pedestrian who "gave a thumbs-down sign" just moments before.

While the cyclist has not been identified, her message of disapproval has been heard loud and clear by people across the country. People have taken to Twitter to express their solidarity with the woman, especially since this was reportedly Trump's fourth consecutive weekend spent at his Virginia golf course — even though he frequently condemned former President Barack Obama for his infrequent golf trips in the past.

Clearly, this female cyclist has struck a chord with frustrated citizens. Some people have offered to buy her a drink, while others have suggested she run for president. Here are some of Twitter's best reactions to her one-finger salute.

She Is All Of Us

Robin on Twitter

She Deserves A Drink

Girls Really Rule. on Twitter

Oh, The Satisfaction

Luisa Fernanda on Twitter

A Fake Salute For A "Fake" President

RogelioGarcia Lawyer on Twitter

A Pretty Genius Idea...

TeaTime on Twitter

Fulfilling Her Civic Duty

✡George's Dad🌈 on Twitter

Not The Hero We Deserve, But The Hero We Need

Ava DuVernay on Twitter

A Tupac Homage Is In Order

Christopher D. Nunn on Twitter

Anyone Looking For A Last-Minute Costume Idea?

quinn on Twitter

Female Cyclist 2020

Shawn Hayes on Twitter

"Unknown Female Cyclist" Is Basically A Superhero

PIE2012 on Twitter

Nothing But Respect For MY President

Lesley W on Twitter

I Need This On A Bumper Sticker

Aimee Molloy on Twitter

Taking The Nation By Storm

Patricia Stallworth on Twitter

Some Pretty Creative Alliteration

Karen Parks on Twitter

An Interesting Take On Democracy...

Steven Santos on Twitter

How 'Bout A Round Of Applause

Heather on Twitter

A Stamp Of Approval

JWalker on Twitter

Ride On

Seán Ó hAodha on Twitter

Given that Trump has continued his frequent golf outings throughout the first few months of his presidency, it's doubtful that the action of any lone cyclist, no matter how epic, will make him change his schedule. But her message of resistance has resonated with a national audience, and, though she may remain unnamed, she will likely continue to inspire other subtle acts of rebellion — or at least a few Halloween costumes.