This Is How You Get Revenge On A Guy Who Double-Books Your Date

If there’s anything we can learn from The Bachelorette, it’s that dating is always, with very few exceptions, a complete sh*tshow. Even if you do meet someone great, there's always the possibility that they'll ghost you, cheat on you, or be a pathological liar who completely misrepresented all the facts about their life. (Extreme, but it happens.) We hold out hope that the next one will lead to a new relationship because, well, rent is expensive and we don’t want to die alone. But sometimes, as Twitter user Lisette Plyant learned, even when dating is the worst, it can lead to amazing new relationships — platonic ones, that is.

Monday night, Lisette, who tweets under the handle @LisettePlyant, shared the amazing story of going for a date with a guy she’d been set up with by a friend of hers. The story is so wild that it has already racked up 10K faves, and enjoyed its own Twitter moment. It's a classic tale of a date gone exceptionally, exquisitely wrong — and lucky for us, Lisette detailed every moment of it.

At first, the D.C.-based barista and office manager was skeptical of the date’s potential, but when his second date showed up about 45 minutes into their meet-up, she completely wrote the situation off.

Kind of a garbage situation, obviously. But what happens next is not just iconic, but a testament to the ever-enduring power of sisterhood. Lisette decided to act the friend in the situation just so the new girl didn't feel awkward, but as soon as her — sorry, their — date ducked out, she brought the second girl up to speed on what was happening.

Pause for a moment, because A THIRD GIRL, Y'ALL. This guy TRIPLE-BOOKED HIMSELF. How did he actually think this was going to work out?

The three ladies decide to make the best of this situation—namely by putting this guy in his well-deserved place.

The Bachelorette may have only ended last night, but this guy clearly got plenty of (extremely misguided) inspiration. After the women thoroughly roast this guy for being a complete idiot, the three of them — strangers until fate intervened — bounce for another bar together, leaving their date with the check.

BUT WAIT! There's more. (How could there possibly be more, you ask? I know.)

Quadruple-booked, y'all. I can't. But there's an extreme silver lining:

Can we just all congratulate these girls on destroying a f*ckboy with the power of friendship? I am so here for this.

Ultimately, it turns out that the guy, who has throughout this saga remained nameless, had tried to set up SIX dates for himself at the same bar over the course of the night, and every single one went over to join Lisette's girl gang. At one point, Lisette runs into him again outside the original bar, and he tries to explain his intentions.

I don't know what's more iconic, these girls' newfound friendship in spite of this guy, or his unbelievable audacity. Wait, no, it's definitely the friendship.

Three cheers for new friendship, and for taking down a garbage date in the process.