This Woman's Track Pants Turned Her Legs Into An Optical Illusion & Twitter Is So Confused

Get ready to be incredibly confused. When Twitter user Marisol tweeted an outfit of the day photo under the handle @milanoysl, she thought she was just revolutionizing her usage of stripes. But the internet took a different interest in her outfit. As Teen Vogue found, the woman's optical illusion tracksuit is taking Twitter by storm. Consider it The Dress all over again, only in athlesiure form.

Once in a while an outfit of the day comes along that is so much more than fashion. This is one of those times. Twitter user Marisol posted an image of herself in track pants with a bright white line running down the side. At first glance, it looks like her one leg is split in two — and the internet can't get over the illusion. The way that the stripe and one of her shoes is positioned, it looks like the stripe in the pant is the space between her legs.

The tweet sent out was supposed to be an ode to the way Marisol combined vertical and horizontal stripes, but has gained a lot more attention for the optical illusion. As of Feb. 26, the tweet has over 40,000 likes on Twitter and over 6,000 retweets on Twitter.

Go ahead and take a second look, because this #OOTD is worthy of it. People have commented about the photo being an optical illusion and even made the image into a meme. Because the power of fashion is real, my friends. According to Marisol's replies on social media, she didn't realize that the image was an optical illusion until people started commenting on it.

People are loving the sartorial mind bender, but they're also really loving the outfit. People have commented wondering where they can buy the exact outfit, and Marisol is not disappointing. According to the Twitter user, the horizontally striped top is from Stradivarius and the vertically track suit bottoms are from Zara.

People are also really loving the closet that she's standing in, which is hers according to Twitter replies. Basically, this woman has it all — a great outfit, huge closet, and viral #OOTD. I don't know what's better, the outfit or the Twitter reactions.

"I got so scared." Not your average horrifying image, but fair.

She's even poking a bit of fun at herself.

Almost lost it or completely lost it? Because people are having both reactions when they see the image.

This is an all-caps moment, if I have ever seen one. The emojis in Marisol's response truly say it all, too.

Let's be honest, everything about this photo is of varying levels of incredible. From the cabinets to the outfit to the optical illusion, this outfit of the day has it all.

This moment has completely taken people over, making so they can't even spell.

The meme has official gone global. Who knew one outfit could take the world by storm so much?

"Still slaying and in good health." What more could you possible ask for?

She might have noticed it too late, but the world is so happy that she kept this optical illusion outfit up for people to see.

Just for the record, she does not look like this. But she does know how to poke a little bit of fun at herself, so we're all winners here.

Whether you love this image for the optical illusion or the stunning athleisure outfit, there are so many reasons to be obsessed with the image. Plus, you can buy the full outfit to recreate the iconic moment in meme history.