So, Urban Outfitters Has A Zen Garden That Looks Like A Litter Box Now

Urban Outfitters

What can you do to bring a little more zen into your work life? You can put green plants all over your desk, you can listen to your favorite music, you can take all of those stupid sodas Jen from accounts takes up the whole fridge with and pour them down the drain one by one and finally get the catharsis you deserve. Or you can keep your cool the better way — and the cuter way. The Zen Garden Litter Box from Urban Outfitters is here to make sure that your desk life is a little calmer and more adorable.

If the words "litter box" turn you off, don't worry — I'm basically talking about those little zen gardens where you rake the sand around, but with the genius addition of little cat figurines. "Mindfulness for cat people, this Zen garden mimics your fur baby’s litter box for a fun take on the meditative classic," the description explains. "Perfect for your desk, this little box comes with two cat figures, sand, a rake and mini rocks." Five mini rocks, to be exact. For $9.95, it's a little desktop bargain ready to make you feel a little more chilled out at work — and no litter box changing required.

As much as it might be adorable — and a little silly — there's definitely something to be said for finding a way to practice a little mindfulness and self-care at work, even if it is very briefly. If zen gardens or litter boxes aren't your thing, don't worry — there are plenty of ways to relax and get a little headspace at work that don't involve throwing anyone's groceries away or asking your desk neighbor if they choose the smelliest fish to bring in for lunch on purpose or if the smell is just a special little bonus for you. There are better ways.

One great way to feel more mindful at the office is to take time to stretch or to walk around the block — anything that moves you away from your desk. Or, if you're someone who suffers from email anxiety and finds managing your inbox a struggle, you can use your out of office to set expectations about when you'll be replying, so you can let yourself off the hook. If you prefer something a little more tangible, there are a lot of really nifty products — like a book of affirmations or a worry stone — that can help ease the tension when you're at work. In an ideal world, you could just carry a weighted blanket with you, eat pizza for lunch every day, and never get out of your pajamas — or maybe that's just my ideal world — but you do sometimes need to make a little more effort when you're actually at work. Finding little ways to make yourself feel calmer and more grounded — whether that's getting outside or a little product to fidget with — can make work a much more bearable place to be. Maybe not a relaxing place, but at least more bearable.

When it comes to products to make you feel calmer or more mindful, zen gardens are definitely a popular choice — and adding a feline twist just makes this Urban Outfitters option an adorable one. All the fun and none of the mess, sounds like a desktop winner to me.