There Are Rumors That Tiffany Trump Dropped Out Of Law School — Here's The Truth

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When your father is the president and your family has been in the public eye for your whole life, you're probably used to rumors flying around about you — including false ones. It's still worth noting for the record, though, that Tiffany Trump has not dropped out of law school, despite rumors published to the contrary.

In an article discussing Trump's rumored new boyfriend, conservative website the Daily Caller cited "sources" claiming that the first daughter was "not planning on returning to Georgetown Law," where she enrolled last year as a first-year law student. The Washington Post, however, reported that this claim was false.

“Simply false,” a spokesperson for the Trump Organization told The Washington Post. “She’s still enrolled in law school.”

Trump tends to stay much farther away from politics than the rest of her family. Her public Instagram mainly only offers shots of herself in exotic or picturesque locations, with the occasional reminder of who her family is coming through a picture of her with her father or a picture of her in the White House. She's taken part in some family events at the White House, for example, at the turkey pardoning at Thanksgiving. However, as the Washington Post pointed out, the first year of law school is a tough one — and all evidence seems to point to the fact that Trump was fully engaged in that.

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While Trump herself hasn't confirmed anything specific about her political beliefs, People and other outlets have reported that she's significantly more liberal than her father. People also noted that the the two regularly go months at a time without any contact, and Trump herself once posted an Instagram story of herself playing a card game making fun of her dad at a D.C. bar. As Mashable pointed out, Trump's favorite Instagram topics tend to be more craft-related than political, with lots of glitter and the occasional reference to her law school work.

Trump did make a couple of appearances on the campaign trail, including a speech at the Republican National Convention. In comparison to her half-sister, Ivanka Trump, though, Tiffany Trump has kept herself very far removed from the political sphere, even though she's so close by in Georgetown. Another of the rumors frequently dogging Trump is that she and her older sister have a fraught relationship. Both, however, have publicly disputed that, claiming to be close even if they don't see each other all that much.

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While Ivanka Trump scored herself a White House job after only having had experience in the world of business and fashion, Tiffany Trump could actually be putting together a more traditional path to politics. At the University of Pennsylvania, Trump had a double major in Urban Studies and Sociology, with a concentration in law. Now, of course, she's pursing law at Georgetown. Her Instagram suggests that she might not be doing the traditional sort of summer internship work that some law students do after their first year. Instead, she's posted pictures of herself relaxing and traveling — though that doesn't rule out the possibility that she's doing work that she doesn't post on social media.

Trump still has two years of law school to go, so there's no word yet on whether she'll attempt to jump into her father's administration toward the end of his first term, or whether she'll pave a different pathway for herself.

She, like her younger half-brother, Barron, has kept herself out of the spotlight so far, unlike Ivanka, Donald Jr., and Eric Trump. The aura of mystery that this creates leaves her open to baseless rumors about her personal life and her career — but it also allows her to complete her education, for the most part, in peace.