Tiffany Trump's Quotes About Her Dad Speak Volumes About Their Relationship

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Of the five Trump siblings, the least is undoubtedly known about the president's youngest daughter. Even Barron, Trump and Melania's 12 year-old son often seems more tangible, if only because he actually lives in the White House. Though she has been profiled several times, she rarely speaks directly with reporters, so most of what can be gleaned about Tiffany Trump comes from quotes about her dad. And based on those, their relationship is definitely different than that of the older three Trump children and their dad.

By contrast, the president's eldest daughter, Ivanka, who tirelessly campaigned for his election, and who also enjoys an office in the West Wing, seems to always be in the press. She is quick to pour out endless praise for her father as a parent, as a businessman, and as a politician. Ivanka participates in countless interviews, and often seems like Trump's most enthusiastic and willing surrogate.

Though Trump's two elder sons, Donald Jr. and Eric, do make appearances, Ivanka almost always seems to be the center of attention. Barron, meanwhile, is just a little too young. That leaves Tiffany, who spent most of her young life being raised on the West Coast with her mother, Marla Maples. To be clear, it isn't that Tiffany says anything particularly negative about her father, it's that she doesn't say anything particularly warm either, especially compared to her siblings.

Different Skills
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When asked about her plans to join the Trump family business in an interview with Good Morning America, Tiffany said: "I'm applying to law school, though. I like to bring a different kind of skill set to the company." Her siblings, who were also at the interview, said that they all planned to continue working with the company if their father was elected. Tiffany appeared to have slightly different plans.

She Knows Who Her Father Is
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In an interview with Sean Hannity the night before the 2016 presidential election, Tiffany said very little and had very little air time. However, toward the end of the segment she did remark that she knew a side of her father that the public simply couldn't. "It's hard but we know who our father is and I think no tabloid can spread anything that will make us doubt that," she said of her and her siblings. "We know the truth." She did not explain what that truth was.

Inspirational Quotes
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At the 2016 Republican National Convention, when her father accepted the party's nomination for the presidency, Tiffany gave a speech expressing her support for her father's run. In it, she described her father in a series of aspirational quotes: "My father is good with advice as you might guess, but he keeps it short and the take away is usually the same," she said. "To help us find our own way and our own gifts. If you do what you love, hold nothing back, and never let fear of failure get in the way, then you've pretty much figured out the Trump formula."

Raised By A Single Mom
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When she was 17, Tiffany did an interview that aired on OWN, Oprah's network. In the interview, she reflected on what it meant to be a Trump, and noted that she was closer to her mother than her peers were to theirs. In it, she referred to her father's role — or lack thereof — in her life. "My mom and I have always been really close, I think since she did raise me as, like, a single mom," she said.

He's True To Himself
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Speaking to ABC's Barbara Walters, Tiffany responded to a question about whether anything her father had said on the campaign trail had ever made her cringe. (Walters asked all the other adult Trump children, too, and they all said no.) She piped up that, "He's true to himself and he speaks in a way that the average person can understand. I think that's refreshing for everyone." Again, what she says is not an insult, by any means. But it does sound a little strange compared to the near-constant praise that her brothers and sister tend to offer.

He Loves McDonald's
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One personal insight Tiffany has offered about her father is that he does, according to her, actually love McDonald's. When TMZ asked her if he ate from the fast food chain most nights, as is claimed in Michael Wolff's tell-all book Fire and Fury, Tiffany responded that he did. "That’s what he does, he loves McDonald's," she said. "He wishes" he ate it in bed every night, she added.

Of course, being raised across the country from the rest of her siblings would almost definitely mean that she would develop a different relationship with her father than they would. But when Trump devotes so much time and space to praising Ivanka, his relationship with Tiffany appears, at times, to be a little off. The public has seen how close he is with one daughter, so when Trump seems to be less close to the other, it's difficult to miss.