These 10 Colleges Get The Most Right Swipes

Courtesy of Tinder

Many see college as the perfect opportunity for experimentation, for romance, or to make lifelong friends. Now Tinder is making it even easier for college students to connect with other people on campus. Although Tinder is already hugely popular among college students, a new feature, Tinder U, lets you browse and swipe with fellow students at your school or a nearby school.

"Tinder was born on a college campus and Tinder U is bringing us back to our roots," Lauren Probyn, director of global marketing & events at Tinder, tells Bustle. "Even on the smallest college campuses, it is impossible to connect with everyone — so we wanted to bring a feature to students to allow them to meet other students in their area."

It seems like a great way to deal with the slightly intimidating issue of not knowing anyone — or to make it easier to find that cute woman who sits behind you in your Econ lecture who you can never work up the nerve to approach. Plus, a lot of college students say that they use Tinder to find new friends, so it's open to everyone — whether they're looking for love (or a hookup) or not.

The idea is to connect students who may not otherwise run into each other. "College students are very involved and passionate about their sports teams, activities they’re involved in and classes that interest them, but that only exposes them to a select group of people," Probyn says. "With Tinder U, students will be able to see other students in their area first while they're swiping, thus opening their social circle and becoming more ingrained in student life."

How To Get Tinder U

Courtesy of Tinder

If you're a college student, after you log into Tinder you will now be given the option to use add your .edu email addresses. After verifying your college email address, you'll be able to swipe and connect with other people on your campus or a nearby campus. It's only open to those with an .edu address, so those of us who are a little too well, old, are out of luck.

So which universities will be doing the most swiping? Tinder looked through its records to find the most popular schools from 2017 to 2018. Here are the top 10 schools that were getting the most right swipes over the past year.


Columbia University

New York City can be overwhelming, especially if you've moved there for college from somewhere else. So, it makes sense that there would be a lot of swiping at an NYC school. It looks like the folks at Columbia are the most desirable — or at least the most right-swiped — in the country.


University of Massachusetts Amherst

Ready for some idyllic New England charm? UMass Amherst, a popular school in the northeast, was the second most right-swiped.


University of Southern California

The Beach Boys wished that they could all be California girls, which is maybe why USC came in at number three. The sun, the waves, the fact that they seem happy all the time — you can see why Californians would be popular.


Florida State University

Florida State is a huge school, with over 40,000 students — and a lot of them are getting right swiped.


University Of Texas At Austin

Austin is often spoken of as a liberal haven in the south — and UT Austin is a very popular university getting a lot of love.


Harvard University

The school that needs no introduction, Harvard came in at number six on the list.


Boston University

Boston is a huge college town — it feels like college students are everywhere — so it's probably no surprise that one Boston University made the top 10. BU is an ever-popular choice — just be prepared to hear about the Sox.


University Of Alabama

Another school with a lot of spirit, University of Alabama came in at number eight of the most right-swiped colleges.


University Of Arizona

An infamous school, both for its size and its students' love of a good time, University of Arizona making the list shouldn't be shocking to anyone.


Ohio State University

Ohio State, with over 60,000 students, rounded out the top 10. With moves like this, it's easy to see why.

Tinder is already used by a lot of students, but now they'll be able to use it to help grow their network — and improve their love life or social circles — right in their own university.