Tiny Washing Machines For Beauty Sponges, Exist, Complete With Bubbles & Spin Cycles

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If you ever wished that you could throw your beauty sponge into a washing machine and be done with it, you now can. Instagram beauty blogger Tiffany Lynette Davis posted a beauty sponge washing machine onto her Instagram, and now beauty lovers everywhere want the extra accessory in their own bathrooms.

According to HuffPost, Davis first ordered the pink washing machine to use in her dollhouse. But when she realized that the battery powered gadget had an actual rinse motor and drainage hose, Davis thought it'd be a great tool to pop her beauty sponges into.

Davis posted an Instagram video of the idea on May 16, taking followers through the steps of doing beauty "laundry." Davis filled the washing machine with warm water, and then added detergent in the form of GlamGlow’s GentleBubble Daily Conditioning Cleanser. This is a face cleanser that gently washes the face and removes makeup, but it apparently works just as great on sponges. It's also a great pick for the spin cycle, because the cleanser gently bubbles with water.

According to HuffPost, Davis prefers Juno & Co.’s microfiber velvet sponges, which she pops into the tiny washing machine. She turns on the gadget, and the audience can see the dirty beauty sponge spin throughout the cycle, gently taking off the caked on makeup. Davis then drains the water through the hose attachment, and then puts the sponge through a rinse cycle to make sure it's clean.

The sponge is significantly cleaner in the end, though it is noticeable that the sponge is not fully clean. While most of the makeup is gone, you can still see some light residue from the foundation and concealer.

But that's perfectly fine, because Davis does not recommend this as a new method to clean beauty sponges. Thanks to the popularity of her Instagram video, Davis decided to make a YouTube review discussing the mini washing machine.

In the washing experiment, Davis used one sponge that had setting powder, and one sponge that had four layers of makeup. Those layers consisted of foundation, concealer, contouring, and setting powder. Both were put to the test and were popped into the machine.

As the sponges were going through their spin cycle, Davis reiterated that the gadget wasn't specifically made for makeup. "Just note that this is not made for your sponges or your beautyblenders at all. This is literally a child's toy," Davis stressed.

Just like in the Instagram video, the sponges came out relatively clean but not fully washed. The sponge with four layers of makeup still had a light layer of residue. The sponge with just setting powder was much cleaner, but still had a light white coating around it.

"My beauty room is located in the upstairs of my house, and sometimes I get super lazy and I don't want to go downstairs to wet or wash my beautyblenders," Davis shared. "But would I recommend this for everyday use? No. Like I said, this is a toy. This is not a beautyblender or makeup sponge washer.”

If you want a cute container that holds water for you to dab your sponges in, this is a fun pick. Or if you want to quickly wash your sponge in between applications, this is a great option for a quick rinse. But if you want to properly wash your sponges and get rid of buildup and bacteria, stick to your usual routine.

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