Toblerone Just Launched Lava Cakes Covered With Melted Toblerone

There are few things that can't be improved upon by turning them into a baked good or topping them with chocolate — that's a rule that I live my life by. But I have to say that, for all of my adventurous eating, I can't believe I haven't thought of this culinary innovation before. You can buy Toblerone Lava Cakes now — and they're topped with the fancy candy bar that you probably only buy at duty-free when it's cheap. And it looks delightful.

Instagrammer @CandyHunting, who always seems to have the inside scoop and things that are delicious and necessary, posted about the new beauties. And they look as delicious as you would dream them to be — all of that Toblerone fanciness with a cake twist? I don't think you'll need a lot of convincing.

"New Toblerone Lava Cakes are out now!!" the post reads. "Huge thanks to @aimras25 for the picture! She found the lava cakes at Shaw's."

So start keeping your eyes peeled at Shaw's or your local supermarket, because these look too good to pass up. One pack contains two cakes with a gooey soft center and topped with melted Toblerone, according to the package. I had never thought about melting Toblerone and using it as a topping, but now I certainly am. In fact, I'm considering using it is a body butter at this very moment.

If melted Toblerone on top of a lava cake trips your jam, then you'll be excited to know that there have been a host of chocolaty treats that have appeared recently to make this fall even more cozy and delicious. We have already been blessed with the news that Milky Way Salted Caramel Bars will be hitting shelves this October, the perfect twist on a classic candy bar — and then we'll be seeing Twix Cookies & Creme Bars making a delightful return. But if you need your sugar hit now, fear not because you can already get your hands on the Mystery Oreo 2019 edition, which seems to have a cinnamon feel.

If you happen to be popping over to the UK anytime soon, then you have even more choices. Cadbury, the OG of chocolate over there, has just announced their Winter Gingerbread Dairy Milk flavor which looks incredible. But there's another special treat in store, the Cadbury Christmas Cottage which allows you to build an actual house out of chocolate bars. A miniature house, sure — but this still is a dream come true for myself and for chocolate lovers everywhere. In fact, you may want to book a plane ticket and hop on over the pond to get all of your holiday gifts sorted.

But as the idea of colder weather starts to settle in, it's hard not to be drawn to the chocolaty, gooey goodness of a lava cake. And though lava cakes are delicious in all of their many forms and varieties, the Toblerone Lava Cake seems like a decadent twist that will also let you feel like a sophisticated divorcée who chooses to eat her feelings off of fine china, rather than just directly from a tub of ice cream. Your night just got a little warmer — and more delicious.