Tom Felton Just Shared A Draco Throwback With A Caption Millennials Will Feel

by Aoife Hanna
Robby Klein/Contour/Getty Images

Ageing. It's happening to you right now. It happens to all of us, even those in the public eye. And it can be an especially painful experience for those who rose to fame in their tender years. Because they have an absolute buttload of online evidence pointing to a time when they looked considerably fresher-faced. Star of Harry Potter Tom Felton shared an Instagram with a pic of him as Draco Malfoy when he was basically embryonic.

The photograph shows Felton in a Slytherin gown, stood side by side of with a picture of him and his more youthful self. His expression says "oh crap" and his caption says "Ageing's a b****".

The photo was taken at Comic Con Canada and shows that whether or not age is catching up, he's definitely still one of the funniest of the Harry Potter alums. And I'm sorry to disagree with the star but I'm sure any Potterhead would say he's ageing like a very fine wine. A blonde wine with very excellent facial hair and an ability to both sing and play the guitar.

Felton hasn't stopped working since his Harry Potter days and the Metro reported that he recently leant his face to the latest Stand Up To Cancer ad. During which he climbed a (not so big) climbing wall, as well as starring in TV shows like The Flash and Origins. Alongside movies like Stratton and Ophelia.

And although Felton and other stars of the Harry Potter films are no longer together on long filming schedules, they've managed to stay very much in touch. However, in the age old story of the rumour mill running overdrive, his offscreen friendship with one co-star in particular has been the subject of some speculation. Especially after a super sweet photo of the pair playing guitar in their pyjamas was shared via his Instagram account.

This was more than enough to set tongues wagging, but rumours were shut down by Hermione herself. Watson is now in her 30th year and spoke to British Vogue about the very noticeable crescendo of societal pressures into your 30s. Especially noticeable for women when it comes to their relationship status. She stated confidently that she's happy being single. Even coining the term "self-partnered." A term which I fully intend to regurgitate at family parties.

Ageing may be a b****, but it suits you well Mr Felton. So worry thee not.