11 Huge Moments From Tomi Lahren & Chelsea Handler’s Convo That Everyone Is Talking About

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Liberal comedian Chelsea Handler and right-wing commentator Tomi Lahren went face-to-face at this year's Politicon event in Pasadena, California. While there were those who were not so enthusiastic about the Handler-Lahren interview, there were also thousands who couldn't wait to see the publicized exchange unravel. And these moments from Handler and Lahren's interview are worth paying attention to.

The large crowd joined both women at the event to watch them discuss their opposing views. Handler is known for her strong criticisms of conservatives and Donald Trump, while Lahren gained notoriety for her frequently controversial views on gender, race, reproductive rights, and more.

While it was initially rumored that the exchange would have been a "debate" between Handler and Lahren, Handler was not pleased to know her interview was being cast as some sort of showdown. The comedian made that abundantly clear on the day of the event, telling the crowd that the event was not a debate, but rather a simple exchange of thoughts and opinions.

From health care, Trump's newly announced ban on transgender people in the military, Hillary Clinton, and socialism to name-calling, catcalling, booing, and hissing, the Politicon event between Handler and Lahren was a roller coaster.

Handler On The Importance Of Understanding People Who Are Different

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After thanking the audience for joining both women at the Politicon event, Handler said that she had been interested in speaking with Lahren for a long time. "I like any woman who is very opinionated," Handler told Lahren.

Addressing the crowd, Handler went on to say:

This isn't a debate. I'm interviewing her. The one thing I've learned from this election is, not to be trite, but how divided we are and how little understanding I have of people who aren't necessarily like me. So, I want to change that.

Handler & Lahren On 50 Cent

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While trying to find common ground, Handler and Lahren both agreed in the significance of "hard work" as American values. Then Lahren brought up 50 Cent, who Handler once dated, and said, "We both also like 50 Cent."

Handler retorted, "I never said I liked 50 Cent. I just had sex with him."

Lahren Admits To Being On Her Parents' Insurance Plan

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"I do believe in repealing Obamacare and also replacing it," Lahren told Handler. Handler said that she admitted that there were "problems with Obamacare" but that it has also "helped 22 million people."

Lahren then went on to confess that she was "luckily" on her parents' insurance plan — Obamacare allows people age 26 and under to stay on their parents' plan. The crowd booed and groaned, to which Handler responded, "Stop, stop, stop. She is being honest."

Handler Tells The Crowd To Stop Cheering

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Throughout the interview, there was constant cheering and booing when the audience saw it fit. Many were there to support Handler, though there were those who wanted to cheer on Lahren. At one point, Handler told the crowd:

Don't cheer every f*cking thing we say. We aren't at a football game.

Lahren Compares Transgender People To Having Asthma

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Lahren expressed support for Trump's ban on transgender individuals in the military. "For me, reinstating the ban on transgenders in the military was a very positive step," Lahren said.

She went on to say, "It's not because I have anything against trans people. I don't care what the hell you do, I don't want to pay for it," a common argument against transgender people in the military. While saying that the American military is not a "place for a social experiment," Lahren went on to compare transgender soldiers to people who have asthma and are unable to fight.

Handler On Hormone Therapy & Viagra Expenditures

With Lahren's views on the transgender ban clear, Handler shared her contention on the misconception that transgender participation in the military is burdensome.

Handler pointed out that medical care for transitioning transgender soldiers amounted to $2.4 million, whereas the American military is spending more than $40 million on Viagra.

Handler Says Trump "Whines & Bitches & Moans"

In a heated description of the president, Handler said that Trump is a "toddler." Handler then asked Lahren if she ever took a moment to rethink her support for Trump.

While Lahren said that she didn't support every tweet from Trump's account, she also said that Trump's "positives outweigh his negatives." Handler then said Trump is a "crybaby" and that he "whines and bitches and moans," adding "He's the f*cking president! Act like it!"

Handler Calls Marco Rubio A "Non-Man"

Lahren admitted that she wasn't just a Trump supporter, she also supported Marco Rubio. Handler described Rubio as "kind of a non-man" and questioned his masculinity.

Lahren took this moment as an opportunity to call Handler out on her inappropriate and gendered insult while saying, "How did we go from talking about the feelings of transgenders to you saying that Marco Rubio is a non-man?"

Handler Struggles To Name Trump's Lies

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After saying "[Trump]'s got big lies we don't even know about," Handler faced trouble in specifying the lies she thought Trump had issued when Lahren pressed her to name them.

After some time, Handler mentioned Trump's stance on China, along with the number of people present at his inaugural crowds. Lahren said that she "can live with" such exaggerations.

Handler Shuts Lahren Down On Hillary Clinton

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Lahren complained about mainstream media wanting to see Trump "fail" and said that it treated Clinton's email server controversy as a "nothing burger."

Handler reminded Lahren that Clinton wasn't president.

She's not doing anything that affects you. So f*ck Hillary. We have to deal with this baboon.

Handler & Lahren Joke About Anthony Scaramucci

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A scene of unexpected agreement arrived when Lahren and Handler joked about White House communications director, Anthony Scaramucci. Lahren said, "[Scaramucci]'s a former liberal, so he is one of yours." Handler responded, "Well, you can have him."

After the conversation was over, Handler and Lahren took a moment to compliment each other. Handler told Lahren that she "likes" her and thanked her for her time. Lahren responded by calling Handler "brave and bold" and praised her for moving from the E! channel to Netflix.

With this many big moments in one conversation — which saw both heated moments as well as understanding agreements — many Americans would probably jump at the chance to see this kind of discussion again.

Additional reporting by Erika Abdelatif.