Too Faced Teased Another Unicorn Product That You Have To See To Believe

If you thought that the unicorn trend was going anywhere anytime soon, think again. According to the master of sneak peeks and Co-Founder of the brand Jerrod Blandino's Instagram post, Too Faced created another unicorn product. While not much about the item has been announced just yet, the video will have your mesmerized. Fans have some great guesses as to what it might be too.

Too Faced already has their Unicorn Tears Lipsticks, but that hasn't stopped them from expanding even more. Earlier in the year they teased a possible Unicorn Tears Melted Matte Lipstick and now there's something even more shiny and exciting, if you can believe it. Blandino showed off a bottle of two-toned, shimmer liquid on Instagram to tease all of his fans. Unlike his usual sneak peeks, the photo only had one hastag — #toofaced — along with a few emojis that didn't seem to give anything away.

From the looks of this video, the mysterious, sparkly liquid is just a lab sample. That means that there's no way to tell exactly what it could be. Either way, this is some pretty exciting news. If the finished product is anything as glorious as this video, it's sure to be a fan favorite.

While the bottle doesn't have any labelling or name just yet, fans have some pretty good guesses. The comment section on the Instagram photo is filled with possible guess, from brush cleaner to body wash. Some people even think that it might be a Unicorn Tears liquid highlighter. The possibilities are endless, my makeup-loving friends.

Something tells me that this won't be the end of unicorn-inspired products, either. Like I said before, the brand teased a Unicorn Tears Melted Matte Lipstick and Blandino is constantly posting photos of mystical creature inspiration. Fingers crossed that the brand tell their fans what they're up to soon. Until then, there's the mesmerizing video to hold you over.

Almost everything that Too Faced touches turns into a bestseller, so it wouldn't surprise me if this mystery product does too. I don't know about you, but I'm dying to see the finished product!