Better Than Sex Mascara Is Censored In Saudi Arabia & The Changed Name Is Actually Hilarious

If there's one thing that beauty lovers are more obsessed with than kiss-proof lipstick, it's quirky makeup names. But not all other countries love them so much — especially those notoriously raunchy product names. As PopSugar found, Too Faced's Better Than Sex Mascara is censored in Saudi Arabia, and the alternative name will make you laugh out loud.

America is, well, very cavalier with makeup items. Almost nothing is off limits. Just think of penis-shaped lipsticks and blush with names like Orgasm. But when those items are shipped off to other countries, they sometimes get a new persona. A Reddit user posted a photo of the Better Than Sex Mascara that was purchased in Saudi Arabia and there's one major difference.

It's called Better Than Love.

Yes, you read that right. Although the color and the type are all the same, the brand changed the name from "sex" to "love" for their censored version. You know, despite the fact that the two are not synonymous at all.

According to the Reddit thread, this isn't the only product that gets a name change when it travels abroad. NARS's Orgasm allegedly gets changed to "O" in some countries. The feed also shows people stating that Becca Cosmetic's Champagne Pop gets change to C-Pop when it's in France.

"Only the sparkling wine produced in France, in the Champagne region, following strict processes, can be called Champagne," Reddit user WrathofEden says in the thread. "Any other use is illegal and the Champagne union/lobby will sue the f*ck out you if you try to use it."

According to the users, there is nothing different to any of the formulas. The only difference are the names being adapted to fit the regulations of each different country. Bustle has reached out to NARS, Becca, and Too Faced to see if the names are change to anything else in other countries.

Apparently countries aren't the only ones who edit out names, either. Reddit users took to the feed to talk about how their family members censor products right in their own home. A lot of them involve nothing more than a permanent marker.

"When I worked at Victorias Secret, my mom (very southern Baptist) would ask me to bring her home 'some more of that Big Cute Hair hairspray' instead of calling it by the real name, Big Sexy Hair," ErythrosSecret posted in the feed.

Reddit user VickySunshine added, "Oh my gosh, that reminds me of when my little brother had the Big Sexy Hair hair gel. My grandma marked out Sexy with a Sharpie."

Will this stop the American-based companies from coming up with quirky, raunchy names for their products? Probably not. Better Than Sex will likely stick around, as will NARS's iconic Orgasm blush.

There's no word on who chose the name Better Than Love, or why it was chosen to replace "sex" on the tube of mascara. Because, let's be honest, what isn't better than the mess that is love? There could be anything in that tube.

All jokes aside, it's still the same product with the same staying power as any other country — the name just isn't that enticing. As Taylor Swift would say, call it what you want to.