Too Faced's Glitter Bomb Is Coming Soon

I'm a firm believer that it's always the right time to shine. Thankfully, Too Faced thinks so too. After teasing their fans for months, the Glitter Bomb Palette release date is finally here, and it's sooner than you may think. Grab your wallets and mark your calendars, because this is a glitter-lovers dream.

If you've ever woken up on a random Tuesday thinking, "gee, I think I'll wear some glitter today," then this launch is for you. With eight shimmery shades and two mattes, Too Face's Glitter Bomb Palette is unlike anything you've ever seen. According to the brand's Instagram post, the pigments are made of micro-refined glitter that sparkle without being chunky or having fallout, which makes them perfect for everyday wear.

Although the product officially sold out during the Sephora preview, the Glitter Bomb Palette will be available on June 15 on the Too Faced website.

The palette ranges from pastel pinks and purples to a gold and even a blue. It might not be one of their sweet-smelling makeup launches, but something tells me that it will sell out just as quickly. Especially if the Sephora preview is any indication. Here's an up close look at the product, so you can see why it's so special.

According to Co-Founder and master of all sneak peeks Jarrod Blandino, the palette can be worn in a variety of different ways. The shades can be used on their own for a subtle glow, with the brand's Glitter Primer for a more standout shine, or with one of the two matte shades in the collection. The white is meant to be used as an intensifying base coat, while the black makes for a smokier look. Blandino also says that the shade Rose All Day looks great on the cheekbones.

As far as the price goes, you'll be getting a whole lot of bang for your buck. The eight-shade palette will be sold for $45, according to the Sephora website. That breaks down to about $5.60 per shade, which is a small price to pay for this level of shine. Although it's unclear when the Glitter Bomb Palette will arrive at Sephora, you can sign up on their page to be the first to know.

Too Faced sure does know how to make a statement! The brand is constantly dreaming up incredible products, and this fits in perfectly. I can't wait to see how everyone rocks this shimmery launch!