This New Night Cream Is Made With Actual Stardust

Too Faced's Hangover Skincare features real stardust.
Courtesy of Too Faced

When you think of Too Faced, your beauty-focused brain likely jumps straight to its best-selling Better Than Sex mascara or its complexion-based work with beauty guru Jackie Aina. All of those things are reasons to be acquainted with the brand, but Too Faced's Hangover Skincare is another.

The brand's skin care line debuted earlier this year, and now, there is soon to be a second drop of products. This time, they just so happen to be made with actual stardust. The Too Faced Hangover expansion featuring said stardust will launch on Dec. 12 at the brand's website, and in the launch, Too Faced is debuting three new products that are all created to nourish the skin and keep it hydrated during the winter months.

The new HangoverRx Pillow Cream made from stardust. It's not the fantastical, wish-making type of stardust, but the product is created with the minerals found in a fallen star (which is actually a meteor, but fallen star sounds better, right?). According to National Geographic, these meteoric particles contain minerals like amino acids and iron. Both of which are beneficial to your skin. In addition to its stardust, the moisturizer contains a combination of coconut water, mango seed butter, avocado oil, and vitamin B to nourish your complexion while hyaluronic acid locks in hydration. If you are okay with fragrance in your skin care, the gentle smell of coconut is meant to help soothe you to sleep.

Then, there is the brand's new cleanser. The Wash The Day Away Pore Purifying Gentle Foaming Cleanser — retailing for $24 — features a non-stripping formula that deeply cleans with a foaming lather. The product is said to remove traces of makeup making it an option for a second step in a double cleansing routine. Too Faced also hasn't forgotten about the importance of lip care in your winter skin care routine. The new Hangover Pillow Balm, which retails for $21, is a creamy lip treatment designed to plump and nourish your lips while creating a protective barrier that helps to prevent chapping and dryness during the colder season.

Courtesy of Too Faced
Courtesy of Too Faced

The brand's second skincare drop isn't the only thing debuting during the holiday season. Too Faced is also expanding the shades in its Lip Injection range. The glossy lip plumper will see four new colors joining its lineup: two light pinks, an apricot hue, and a cherry red. Like existing shades, the new colors will retail for $29, but unlike the HangoverRx skin care launch, the new Lip Injections hit internet shelves on Dec. 15.

With winter here and your skin potentially on the descent into dryness, Too Faced's Hangover Skincare expansion couldn't come at a better time.