Trader Joe's Almond Nog Just Dropped & It's A Non-Dairy Dream

The holiday season is upon us, meaning that it's officially time to trade in all regular forms of liquid hydration for creamy, sweet, seasonally-flavored beverages only. Duh. If it's not pepperminty or pumpkin-spicy or noggy, I don't want a drop of it touching my tongue until at least February. As an obvious holiday drink enthusiast who happens to also be a longtime vegan, naturally I'm beyond pumped about the news that Trader Joe's Almond Nog is back to help us herald in the holidays — and if you were lucky enough to try it last year, then you're probably pumped, too. As a cherry on top of this good news, the nog is hitting shelves just in time for Thanksgiving — so if you dream of washing down your ginormous holiday meal with a few good swigs of Almond Nog, it seems the universe's events are unfolding in perfect holiday harmony.

Trader Joe's beloved Almond Nog originally launched last holiday season, so people are thrilled to see that it's officially back on shelves for a mighty return. Instagram user Erika, who runs @the_bizerkeley_vegan, seems to be the first to have shared the exciting news of the nog's re-emergence. The account shared a photo of the beverage on Nov. 12, announcing that the drink had officially arrived at Trader Joe's stores. The vegan food account is apparently based out of the greater San Francisco Bay Area, so it's safe to say that our Nor Cal friends can officially get their vegan nog on starting now. As for everyone else, keep your eyes peeled during your next TJ's run (if you don't get too distracted by all the other vegan holiday goodies at Trader Joe's), because the drink is likely to hit shelves nationwide once again.

If you haven't yet had the pleasure of downing a glass of Almond Nog, let me attest to the fact that its flavor is unrivaled in deliciousness. "California almonds provide [a] slightly nutty flavor, and a rich creaminess that forms the base of this non-dairy Nog," explains Trader Joe's in its Fearless Flyer from January 2018. "It justly honors the flavors of its classic counterpart, a herald of the holiday season." So nog lovers, rest assured, this holiday drink aims to do justice to the original flavor of the nogs of holidays past — just with a modern, almond-milky twist. TJs also notes that the drink is great frothed or paired with hot coffee, which I'm going to try immediately. And, from nog-lover to nog-lover, might I also suggest spiking your glass with a bit of bourbon? You know, just to up the whole holiday cheer factor here.

The nog is reportedly being sold for $2.99 per 32 oz. carton (although prices may vary depending on your region) — a reasonable price point indeed, considering this stuff tastes like liquid holiday gold in a carton. And speaking of that darn carton, can we talk about the overall cuteness of the nog's seasonally-themed packaging? Like, seriously? A cute lil' almond in a dang scarf, hangin' out outside in a winter wonderland under dainty, falling snowflakes? I'm obsessed. Clearly a sucker for holiday marketing gimmicks and not at all sorry about it. Keep it comin'.

The return of the much-hyped Almond Nog is especially joyous news for anyone who wants in on the holiday nog lifestyle, sans the whole egg bit. Obviously, this nog is made from almonds (as the name ever-so-slyly notes), and it's free of both dairy and eggs, making it a safe choice for both vegans and people with certain allergies. This holiday delight is also free of corn syrup, soy, and gluten, and it's kosher-friendly.

If Trader Joe's Almond Nog hasn't hit your local TJs shelves just yet, fear not, as there are plenty of other delicious vegan nogs on the market that can scratch your itch while ya wait, and Trader Joe's has a variety of other delish vegan holiday bevvies, too (like its Chocolate Peppermint Almond Beverage — yum). Keep your eyes peeled for this creamy n' dreamy new classic at your local TJ's, and rejoice in the vegan holiday cheer.