Trevor's Ex Called Out The 'Bachelor' Star On Twitter After He Denied Cheating On Her

John Fleenor/Walt Disney Television/Getty Images

Trevor may have managed to convince Jamie to trust him despite the "indiscretions" in his past, but his ex-girlfriend might have something to say about that. Trevor's ex weighed in on his Bachelor drama on Twitter after the aspiring musician was confronted by her good friend about the "lying and the cheating" that reportedly occurred near the end of their relationship. And she seemed to suggest that the Listen To Your Heart star hasn't been fully honest about what really went down. (Bustle reached out to Trevor for comment, but did not receive an immediate response.)

On the April 20 episode of the Bachelor spinoff, newcomer Natascha revealed that she was close friends with Trevor's ex, Sierra Nielsen, and that he had "betrayed" her during their two-and-a-half year relationship. Trevor maintained that he "never physically cheated" on his ex, but Sierra shared a different version of events on social media. "You can learn a lot from your mistakes but only when you aren’t busy constantly lying about them," she wrote in a cryptic post on Twitter after the episode aired. "Face them. Stop denying them. Lies may temporarily leave you at peace with others. But they will keep you at war with yourself forever."

Later, Sierra retweeted an interview with Natascha from Us Weekly and thanked the aspiring pop star for standing up for her on the show. "THIS MESSAGE THO!" she wrote, along with some raised hand and heart emojis. "This is why I’m proud to call you a friend [Natascha]. We need more strong women like you who aren’t afraid to stand up and support and protect other women." In the interview, Natascha accused Trevor of being a manipulator and a "serial cheater," but she also focused on the importance of standing up for other women who have been betrayed, something Sierra is clearly thankful for.

During the episode, Natascha made it clear that she didn't confront Trevor about his relationship with Sierra simply to cause drama, but as a way to protect Jamie. "I am ten years older than Jamie, and if I can protect her from someone who’s going to hurt her, I want to be that for her," she told the cameras. "I wish I had someone like that who looked out for me."

Natascha reiterated that sentiment in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, explaining that while she didn't know she and Trevor would be on the same show, once she realized who he was, she felt compelled to speak up. "I knew that he had hurt my friend really, really badly. He had broken her heart, she was very public about it," Natascha said. "I'm not here to tell [Jamie] what to do. I'm just here to help guide her or give her the information that will help her make the best decision for herself. As women, we have to look out for each other."

And while she doesn't judge Jamie for deciding to stay with Trevor and pursue their budding romance, Natascha did add that she doesn't think Trevor was totally honest with her about his past relationship. "I've been told it was definitely not just emotional cheating," she told ET, claiming that she's also received plenty of messages from other women who have felt "betrayed" by Trevor in the past. "There are tons of girls coming out saying the same thing. ... I don't think [he was there to find love]."

Trevor, for his part, told ET ahead of the episode that he was "blindsided" by Natascha's confrontation, but that he felt he handled the situation as best as he could. "It is [a big deal], but just like any other part of life, you can't control things that have happened," Trevor explained. "All you can control is how you react. I think I was nothing but myself on this show." Thus far, it seems like that was good enough for Jamie — even if Trevor's ex disagrees with the way he presented the situation.