Khloé Fans Are Filling Tristan’s Instagram With The Trash Emoji & Hilarious Disses

by Parry Ernsberger
Gregory Shamus/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Just one day after allegedly getting caught cheating on his nine-months-pregnant girlfriend, Tristan Thompson posted on Instagram for the first time since the scandal broke — and Khloé Kardashian's fans are flooding the comments with some brutal burns. On April 11, Thompson shared a picture on Instagram (which you can see here) as part of a paid partnership with Neiman Marcus and GQ. In the portrait-style photo — one of five photos taken of Thompson for a larger, sponsored fashion spread featuring several NBA athletes sporting designer brands — Thompson is poised stoically, and styled in black metal shades by Ferragamo.

"@ferragamo sunglasses are always the perfect accessory and of course look good on a man," Thompson captioned the photo alongside additional branded handles.

Now, it's safe to assume that this kind of thing was planned and scheduled long in advance. The full, original sponsored fashion feature — which includes the very same photo Thompson recently shared — was posted on GQ.com on March 20, so the social media promotional window was likely pretty tight. But still. The timing could not be worse, especially since Thompson hasn't responded to the reports or said anything else publicly.

Kardashian's fans flocked to the comments of Thompson's photo in droves, and bombarded the athlete's Instagram with a wide range of not-so-nice things to say. Some fans chose to express themselves with emoji — the trashcan, snake, and man placing trash into a trashcan appearing to be the most popular — some fans went the harsh route, and some fans got creative with their choice words for Thompson.

Jason Miller/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Some of the more comical comments included, "I hope you step on a Lego," "I hope every time you use your phone in bed, you drop your phone on your face," "i hope the next time u use a vending machine your food gets stuck," "I hope your pillow is never cold on the other side," “I hope every dog you see is a Service Dog and you can’t pet it," "I hope that every time u drink anything it goes down the wrong tube," "I hope you get cold pizza" — which, while I understand the sentiment, am still pro-cold pizza — and, "I hope you read all of these I hope comments."

Some users took a more serious approach with their comments, though. One person commented, "I hope no woman has the audacity to come near you again after what you have done. It is shameful and DISGRACEFUL, and maybe Khloe can move on, but this is in your legacy." Another added, "Shame on you! That sweet newborn daughter of yours deserves a father that models the right way to treat a woman!"

On April 10, both the Daily Mail and TMZ released videos that appear to show Thompson getting intimate with women on two separate occasions in two different cities. At the time the videos were uncovered, Kardashian was in Cleveland preparing to give birth to the couple's child. In the early morning hours of April 12, Kardashian gave birth to a baby girl, and was reportedly joined by Thompson in the delivery room, according to TMZ. (Bustle reached out to Thompson and Kardashian regarding the cheating reports, but did not receive a response.)

In addition to Thompson, TMZ reported that Kardashian also had the support of sisters Kim and Kourtney, her mom, Kris Jenner, and long-time friend Malika Haqq while in the delivery room. Hours after the initial reports of Kardashian giving birth were released, Kris Jenner confirmed the news in a Twitter post. The tweet was a repost of a W Magazine tweet that included a video of Kendall Jenner saying the word "baby" several times. Jenner added the comment, "BLESSED!!!"

Whether or not the reports are true remains to be seen, but it doesn't look like Kardashian's fans will be letting Thompson off the hook anytime soon. But, in the words of the many commenters flooding Thompson's sponsored post feed, "I hope" the whole thing isn't as bad as it seems.