Trump & Donald Jr.'s Body Language Reveals Affection & A Potential Power Play, Experts Say

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Since Donald Trump stepped into politics, his eldest son has quickly become one of his most vocal surrogates. Indeed, Donald Trump Jr. can often be found holding court for his father at fundraisers and campaign rallies. But what of the pair's relationship? Experts tell Bustle the body language between Trump and Don Jr. reveals the two may potentially be engaged in a father-son power play.

According to The Washington Post, the relationship between Trump and Don Jr. has at times been distant. The paper claimed Don Jr. stopped speaking to his father when a very public divorce ended Trump's marriage to his mother. A short stint in Colorado after college was, according to the paper, Don Jr. creating physical distance between himself and his father.

Over time, however, Don Jr. found his way back to both his father and his father's company, eventually taking a job at the Trump Organization, the paper reported. What's more, when his father moved on to politics, Don Jr. followed, becoming a regular speaker for not only his father but the Republican Party as well, The New York Times has reported.

Experts have told Bustle that Don Jr. exhibits body language similar to his father, mimicking his gestures and posture as if trying to emulate or live up to his namesake. And it's exactly these kinds of insights that reveal why body language is important. "In the realm of emotion, words are often less trustworthy than nonverbal signs," David Givens, director of the Center for Nonverbal Studies, tells Bustle, adding that such nonverbal cues are often involuntarily.

Still, interpreting body language can be difficult, and the polished nature of politics makes the task even more challenging. "It's important to remember that even body language can be scripted," Laura Dudley, director of Applied Behavior Analysis Programs at Northeastern University, tells Bustle.

Here's how body language experts decoded Trump and Don Jr.'s body language: