Trump Interrupted 'Bachelor In Paradise' & Fans Are NOT Having It

Todd Wawrychuck/ABC

There are some things in this world that you just don't do, and interrupt Bachelor in Paradise is one of them. New York viewers already didn't get to see BiP at all on Monday thanks to football. But, for the rest of the country, Donald Trump's speech interrupted the Bachelor in Paradise rose ceremony that fans have been waiting, oh, approximately 6752 years for.

We are literally three episodes deep into Season 4 and have not yet seen a single rose ceremony. And, juuuust as Chris Harrison was clinking his champagne glass to gather the contestants for their very first one, the President cut in with a special message on Afghanistan. Of course, listening to what our nation's leader has to say is important. Even if you don't agree with what he's saying, it's good to stay informed. But, like, did it have to be during BiP? Monday nights on ABC are sacred, Trump. Of course, as with all things Bachelor Nation, fans had a lot of opinions on the matter and quickly took to Twitter to express this general consensus: How dare Donald Trump interrupt the BiP rose ceremony?

Some Fans Pointed Out That We've Already Waited So Long

I did my waiting... 12 years of it... in Azkaban!

Some Used It As Another Reason To Dislike Trump

It's a long list.

Many Were Impatient

Hurry up, already.

Some Bragged About Living In Canada

No need to rub it in.

Some Made Bachelor-Esque Jokes

Take a moment and say your goodbyes, Trump.

And This Tweet Won The Day

So many Monday pop culture references in one. At least some good came from this nightmare.