What Trump Has Said About Being A Grandfather Shows He's Not A Big Fan Of Old Age

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The typical stereotype of a grandparent is that they are affectionate, protective, and present in their grandkids' lives. And as someone who's defied stereotypes, President Donald Trump's quotes about being a grandfather follows that larger pattern. The few things he's said in public about his grandkids reveal his thoughts about old age, and it doesn't seem like Trump isn't a big fan of being old.

Although there isn't much online with Trump discussing grand-fatherhood — if you will — some things he said in the past few years show how becoming a grandpa took the president by surprise. In 2013, for instance, Trump spoke on Fox & Friends, albeit briefly, about becoming a grandfather after Ivanka Trump had her son, Joseph Frederick Kushner, with Jared Kushner.

"I guess I'm getting a little bit older but it's a wonderful thing," Trump said. When asked by a Fox & Friends host about the difference between being a father and a grandfather, Trump said, "Well, the psychology of a grandfather tends to bother me a little bit because it tends to represents lots of good things but one not-so-good thing. But that's OK. We’re very happy about it." Trump said that this grandchild was "number five" at the time. Now, the president has nine grandkids.

When asked if he spoiled his grandchildren, Trump said, "I think I do. Great children. Beautiful children."

When it comes to being called grandpa, pop-pop, pa, or whatever variation you might think of for "grandfather", Trump has a singular approach. In 2007, the president told People magazine that he wanted his grandchild, Kai Madison Trump, to call him "anything but grandpa." (Kai is Donald Trump Jr. and Vanessa Trump's oldest daughter.)

"I'm not sure it will ever sink in," Trump said of being called "grandfather."

Still, he seemed overjoyed about Kai's birth. Back then, Trump said, "The baby is really beautiful. I’ve never seen such hair on a baby in my entire life. Just an absolutely beautiful baby, and healthy and happy, so I’m thrilled."

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While Trump's own words may not give off the impression of the conventional grandpa, his daughter Ivanka has been all praise for him. In an interview with Yahoo! Parenting, Ivanka said of her children, "They spend a lot of time rolling around with [Trump] on golf carts. They adore him." Ivanka said that her father was "really, really amazing" with her children.

Apparently, given the time the children spend with Trump, they have learned things about the world around them — through the president's lens. In her interview with Yahoo! Parenting, Ivanka mentioned a particular incident related to her daughter, Arabella, and Trump.

"I was walking down the street with Arabella and she saw a large pothole and said, 'Mom, Grandpa would not like that!' She gets that from driving around with him," Ivanka said. "I just thought that was such a cute comment. [Because of Trump,] she’s paying attention to New York City infrastructure!" Though he doesn't seem to dig old age, Trump seems to well-liked among his grandkids.