Protesters & Trump Supporters Got Into A Fight Over POTUS' Smashed Hollywood Star

Katharine Lotze/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Early Wednesday morning, a man walked up to Donald Trump's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles, removed a pickaxe from his guitar case, and smashed the sidewalk plaque to pieces. The star-smasher has since turned himself in, but the episode hasn't run its course yet: On Thursday, a brawl broke out at Trump's destroyed Hollywood star between supporters and opponents of the president, Yahoo News reports.

Joy Villa, a musician and Trump supporter, posted two videos to Twitter of what happened on the night in question. The first is relatively benign: It depicts Villa and a group of pro-Trump demonstrators posing with a cardboard cutout of the president and singing the national anthem where Trump's star once was.

The second video, however, shows a fight breaking out between several men at the gathering. The circumstances surrounding the scuffle are unclear, but it appears to have been precipitated by an argument over use of the N-word. About 20 seconds into the minute-long clip, a man in a ponytail and a man in a black hat begin brawling with one another, and several others soon join in.

At several points, somebody can be heard shouting "hey, he's a Marine!" Villa wrote in the accompanying quote that "Our Marine Veteran was attacked," though it's unclear in the video who struck first and who of those involved, if anybody, is a U.S. Marine.

According to Yahoo News, the Los Angeles Police Department eventually arrived at the scene. By that point, however, everybody was gone. No arrests have been made, although Villa said in a follow-up tweet that a police report had been filed.

The man who destroyed Trump's star was videotaped doing so, and he was later identified as 24-year-old Austin Clay. According to NBC 4, he kept the pickaxe in a guitar case before removing it and obliterating the plaque. Clay then reported himself to police, but had left by the time authorities arrived at he scene. He later surrendered to Beverly Hills police, NBC 4 reports.

Clay was booked on suspicion of felony vandalism, the Los Angeles Times reports, and his bail was set to $20,000. It was initially reported that Clay had been bailed out by a one James Otis — who, probably not coincidentally, destroyed Trump's Hollywood star himself two years earlier. According to Yahoo News, however, Otis merely offered to pay Clay's bail before Clay was ultimately bailed out by an anonymous donor.

Clay, for his part, isn't remorseful. In an interview with TMZ, he says he's glad he smashed Trump's star to pieces.

"I think I did a real good act," Clay told TMZ. "I feel proud of myself."

Clay also said that that several celebrities congratulated him for ruining Trump's star, including Robert DeNiro, Chelsea Handler and Mark Hamill.

“I just felt really passionate because of what happened with the immigrants and stripping children away from their parents, and that just sort of set me off,” Clay later told TMZ. “Donald Trump represents everything that everybody with half a brain and half a heart in this country resents. So that’s why I did it.”