Caelynn Had Cassie's Back On 'The Bachelor' & Twitter Was Here For It

ABC/Rick Rowell; steph_haas2/Twitter

Sure, the premise of The Bachelor is for a man to fall in love with a woman (or women) in the cast. However, the strongest relationships on the show are usually between the contestants. Case in point, Caelynn really had Cassie's back on The Bachelor on Monday night. Caelynn wasn't even on the three-on-one date and she already had a rose, but she still went out of her way to show up and talk to Colton to defend her close friend. Yes, Caelynn did this even though they are technically "dating" the same guy and competing to end up with that same final rose. They must have a strong friendship, right?

The latest episode was chock-full of drama for pretty much everyone except Hannah G. During her one-on-one date, Tayshia told Colton that she questioned Cassie and Caelynn's readiness for marriage. Not only that, but she even claimed that they would say "no" to a proposal and that they already discussed being the next Bachelorette. Understandably, Colton was crushed and confused.

Where is the footage from these supposed conversations? Did this even happen? That's up for debate. However, the fans did get to see one major moment: Caelynn swooping in to take up for her friend Cassie. Whether you love Caelynn, question her intentions, or even if you lie somewhere in between, it's fair to say that she's a very loyal friend. So much so, that plenty of Bachelor viewers tweeted their reactions to the date interruption.


That's Friendship Right There

It's logical that a contestant would want to vie for roses against one less girl. However, it just wasn't about that for Caelynn. She cared more about her friend's happiness than having one less person in the running for Colton's final rose.


What A Great Moment

Talk about unexpected! Everyone expected Cassie to fend for herself on that group date. Instead, her Bachelor bestie swooped in to help her out.


They (May) Have The Strongest Connection In The House

The connection between Caelynn and Cassie is undeniable. They just might have the strongest relationship this season. Sorry, Colton.


They're Friendship Goals

There has been a lot of arguing and rumor spreading on this season of The Bachelor. In contrast, it's nice to see a woman going out of her way to support her close friend.


She Really Did Save Her "Competition"

The dynamics between Bachelor contestants is often puzzling. How are they all so close even though they have feelings for the same man? This will fascinate viewers forever.


Caelynn To The Rescue

It's possible that Cassie would have nabbed the rose regardless of Caelynn's intervention. Nevertheless, the talk with Caelynn definitely didn't hurt.


They Have A Great Friendship

Having a boyfriend can be stressful. Just imagine sharing one... with your good friend and several other women. Caelynn and Cassie somehow managed to normalize such an unusual situation.


It Was A Major Moment

Talk about a plot twist. Caelynn could have stayed at the mansion minding her own business. Instead, she really came through for her close friend.


Caelynn Values Their Friendship

Caelynn has been very vocal about her feelings for Colton, but those emotions didn't cloud her emotions as a friend.


Caelynn Has Big Friend Energy

Is "Big Friend Energy" a thing? If it wasn't, it is now and Caelynn definitely has it.


Women Supporting Each Other

Who wouldn't want this kind of support from a best friend?

There's a lot to unpack from that last episode of The Bachelor. It was full of "she said, she said" drama. However, Caelynn's interruption in the name of friendship outshines all of the controversy.