Garrett Said Becca “Gave Him The Eagles” On 'The Bachelorette' Finale & Twitter Is Confused

Paul Hebert/ABC

Becca Kufrin's final date with Garrett was really sweet on The Bachelorette, but there's just one problem: he said something that made more than a few fans a bit confused, and Twitter lit up as a consequence during the finale. While talking about how Becca made him feel during their last date, he said she gave him "eagles," and no, you didn't mishear him. That's what he actually said, and people are going crazy over it. Tweets about Garrett's "give me the eagles" comment are everywhere, and honestly, what does it really mean?

To be totally fair, Garrett was actually attempting to be sweet, so he gets credit for that, even though his compliment was a bit confusing to most people watching the finale. He was trying to say that his feelings for Becca are so intense that she doesn't just give him butterflies, she gives him eagles — a bird that, like a butterfly, can also be airborne, but is obviously way bigger. And, you know, way more American.

It makes sense that after a comment like that, people would have opinions, and in this case, the internet had quite a few of them. Given, The Bachelorette finale always brings out the jokes on Twitter, but this was... especially hilarious.

Some people just wanted to point out the ridiculousness of this statement:

And others couldn't help but feel like Garrett genuinely thought that this was a very romantic thing to say at the time:

This tweet and GIF combo attempted to explain what butterflies vs. eagles would actually look like, which is a little upsetting. If something makes you feel like this, maybe you should see a doctor and get that checked out?

This one pointed out that the contrast between seeing how utterly devastated Blake was and hearing Garrett's comments about eagles was a little too stark for their taste, which is true. It's hard to know how to feel after hearing something like that.

And another fan thought the eagle comment brought out the MAGA in Garrett.

Somehow, a small cross section of people on Twitter actually thought that Garrett's comment was sweet:

And even former contestant Colton Underwood couldn't help but share his own take on the situation, which is pretty similar to what a lot of fans were feeling after hearing Garrett wax poetic about eagles:

To be honest, that's subjective. Some people like butterflies better than eagles. Those people aren't on The Bachelorette right now, but it is what it is.

Even though his comment was a little... offbeat, Garrett definitely gets points for creativity. And obviously, these kind of remarks are exactly what Becca's into, since she's kept him in her life (and on the show) for so long. Maybe this is just the tip of the iceberg, and Garrett has more comments like this one up his sleeve? If he's ever tired of talking eagles, then there has to be another similar comment fans can debate the meaning of.