Fans React To Nick's Pinocchio Dance On 'DWTS'

by Marenah Dobin
ABC/Eric McCandless

Believe it or not, Nick Viall is still going strong on Dancing With the Stars. And a lot of that can be attributed to dance pro Peta Murgatroyd's expert choreography and the devotion of Bachelor Nation. There were a lot of tweets about Nick Viall's Week 5 Dancing With the Stars performance that show Bachelor fans are still all about Nick — whether they love him or love to hate him.

Sure, the judges had glowing reviews about Nick and Peta's Pinocchio-inspired dance for Disney Night, but it was really hard for me (and a lot of other people) to see past Nick's freshly shaven face, the blush on his cheeks, and the random part where he put on a skirt and started doing the can can. Of course, I admire his dedication to the Pinocchio persona, but I had no idea if that dance was good because I was so distracted by everything else. I'm trying to give Nick a fair shake, but I just can't help getting thrown off when a grown man is dressed as a puppet.

In all seriousness, Nick did a good job, even with all of the distracting wardrobe and makeup decisions. I don't know anything about dance, but Nick did score very well getting two 8s and two 9s. Maybe Nick really does have a shot at being a reality TV show runner-up for the third time.

1. There Is No Way Nick Scored Higher Than Rashad

Wait. This really happened?

2. There Are Some Devoted Nick/Peta Fans

Saving that number constitutes some serious loyalty.

3. There Was No Shame In The Outfit Choices

They really committed to character.

4. There's No More Facial Hair!?

It felt like Nick went through reality TV-induced puberty when he grew that beard and now it's hard to see him without it.

5. There Are Reasons To Root For Him

He's doing way better than we all expected.

6. There Is No Way That's Nick Viall

The lack of beard really was a lot for the fandom to take in.

7. There Are People Who Find This Attractive

Let's agree to disagree.

8. There Is No Way To Deny This Performance

It really was a solid routine.

9. There Are Still Polarizing Opinions About Nick

There's always going to be Nick haters.

10. There's Way Too Much Nick On TV, But He's Actually Good

America needs a break from Nick, but he is actually earning his spot on this show.

11. There Are Some Converted Fans

Even the anti-Nick viewers have to admit that he's killing it.

12. There Is Sadness About The Shaving

The beard did a lot for Nick.

13. There Were At Least A Couple Positive Responses To The Shaving

This is attractive to some people.

14. There's A Difference Between Bachelor Nick & Dancer Nick

It's like we're watching two different people.

15. There Is Such Thing As A "Sexy" Jiminy Cricket?


17. There Is A New Nick On The Dance Floor

Nick is really coming into his own.

18. There Is Hope For Nick & Peta

Team Baby Got Bach might go way further than anyone anticipated.

19. There Should Have Been A Higher Score

They really killed it.

No matter what there is always going to be a mix of opinions about anything Nick does, but he is really holding his own thanks to Peta and the fans from Bachelor Nation. It will be interesting to see how far he gets in the competition, but no matter what happens viewers will have a lot to say about it.