Tweets About Sean Hannity & Michael Cohen Are So WTF

The Trump lawyer whose office was raided by the FBI a week ago is also working with Fox News host Sean Hannity for undisclosed reasons, it was revealed in court Monday. Michael Cohen's infamous "third client" was identified by a lawyer for Cohen in open court Monday afternoon after Judge Kimba Wood demanded his identity be released. Lawyers for Cohen had until now sought to protect Hannity, arguing that Hannity (referred to as Cohen's "third client") did not want to be named and had no reason to be.

Wood disagreed. After Cohen's side admitted that the Fox host was client number three of Cohen's, members of the courtroom literally gasped, according to CBS News.

This revelation adds another facet to an already tantalizingly opaque news story. Cohen is a longtime personal lawyer to Trump and a former Trump Organization executive. Stormy Daniels claims that Cohen paid her $130,000 prior to the 2016 election to keep quiet about the affair that Daniels says she once had with President Trump (which Trump denies). Cohen is now being investigated by the FBI for alleged fraud, which Cohen also denies. As part of that document seizure, the identity of Cohen's second client, GOP powerhouse Elliot Broidy, was also released.

As part of his work with Broidy, Cohen authorized a payment of $1.6 million to a woman who claimed she had an affair with Broidy and become pregnant. It's anyone's guess in what capacity he worked with Hannity.

The news was a gut-punch to Twitter.


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