Twitter Can't Stop Wondering About Colton's Upcoming Fence Jump On 'The Bachelor'

by Marenah Dobin
ABC/Rick Rowell; Ashley Spivey/Twitter

In all honesty, morale among Bachelor fans was not at an all-time high going into Colton Underwood's season. However, anticipation ramped up when the trailer came out and he jumped over a fence. The short clip was both impressive and dramatic. Now The Bachelor fans are waiting for Colton's fence jump. When is that happening?! It really felt like this Monday night would've been the night.

As soon as Colton commented about the night going well and described Thailand as "peaceful," it was clear the serenity wouldn't last for long. And spoiler alert: It definitely did not. Onyeka and Nicole continued their argument from the group date. Colton heard them yelling at each other from across the room. He went over to them and they basically ignored him for the sake of a pointless argument.

Colton walked away and the girls were concerned, but the Bachelor fans were more so excited. Sure, there are people who felt bad for him, but there were plenty of others who saw the writing on the wall. He was very upset, it was dark out, and he stormed out from the cocktail party. Those sound like the elements for the perfect fence jump scene, right?

Well, at least that's what a lot of the fans thought. Many people tweeted predictions about the fence jump on the way. Unfortunately, instead we were hit with a "to be continued" at the end of the episode and have to wait six days for another episode.

Not only that, but Colton doesn't take that leap until way further in the season. In a January interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Colton revealed that he jumps the fence during Fantasy Suites week. He explained,

"Fantasy Suites week was the biggest week in the whole entire journey. The jump was the most emotional and the most physical that I had to be the entire season. I will also say that fence jump is the most pivotal moment. That was a game-changer. That night changed how everything went."

Regardless, the fence jump was the talk of the night on Monday. Just take a look.


He Had A Good Reason To Escape

The Nicole and Onyeka argument wasn't amusing. They ignored the Bachelor and they ruined the cocktail party. That sounds like a great setup to jump a fence, right?


The Fence Jump Needed To Happen

Sure, the Onyeka vs. Nicole drama came out of nowhere, but if their issues resulted in a fence jump, it's totally worth it.


So Disappointing

There were so many things to be upset about during the most recent episode. The lack of fence jump was just one of them.


Viewers Were Led Astray

Seriously, though! It's getting personal at this point. So many viewers are disappointed. When is this scene happening?


We Are ALL Waiting

This fence jump is (almost) more anticipated than Colton's final rose recipient.


Did It Happen Yet?

Yes, there's actually a Twitter account called "Did Colton Jump Over The Fence?" No, it did not happen yet. Ugh.


We Didn't Even Get A Rose Ceremony

So much for closure. We got stiffed of a rose ceremony and a fence jump.


Why Did It End With "To Be Continued"?

That disaster of a cocktail party felt like the perfect lead into a fence jump. Instead, the fans have to wait a whole week to find out what happens.


Jump. That. Fence.

Fans are very invested clearly.


Was There A Fence At That Cocktail Party?

The most-devoted Bachelor fans could double as private investigators looking for fences that match the one from the infamous preview clip.


Finally... Or Not?

Unfortunately, this fan was wrong.


He's Ready

Colton seemed so stressed. You know what could make him feel better? Jumping the fence and taking a break from the drama.


Where Was The Fence Jump?

Seriously..... fans are waiting.


Wait, Where Is That Fence Anyway?

Fans have become accustomed to looking everywhere for a fence, even in the background of a beach scene — which makes zero sense.

No one wants to see Colton upset, but it's hard to forget about that fence jump, especially with so little context. Fans need to see that moment and know exactly why he took such drastic measures to escape.