The Internet Is Obsessed With This Game That Lets You Play A Hot Dad Who Dates Hot Dads

Gay Twitter, Lady Twitter, Black Twitter — essentially all of the Twitters you know and care about — are atwitter (sorry!) over Dream Daddy, a new sim game some predict will become the "Pokemon Go" of Summer 2017. The concept is somehow deeply wholesome, hot, and sex-/body-positive all at once, and bonus: there's a woman on the dev team! Basically, players get to design a hot dad avatar and then play the game in search of other hot dads to date.

The trailer was, appropriately, released on Father's Day and the Twitter cliques promptly, collectively exploded with glee. And it's no surprise why: the dads embody a genuinely diverse set of identities regarding everything from race to body type, so there really is something for everyone. (Well, almost everyone. I'm personally holding out for some transmasculine/butch dad characters in a future update, but I'm really optimistic about the possibility of that happening!)

Leighton Gray and Vernon Shaw are the creators of Dream Daddy, which will be available for PC and Mac on July 13. In fact, it was Gray who connected with her own Dad identity so much that she wanted to create a game where she could embody one herself and still look for other hot dads.

"I love dad culture, all my friends call me 'Dad,’ and so immediately I was like, oh, Dadsonas," Gray told The Cut of how she came up with the idea for a dad persona dating sim. "From there I was thinking like, man, it would be great if there was a game where you could create your own Dadsona and, I don’t know, date other hot dads. That is all that I want in a video game, so I guess I have to make it."

And given the Twitter response, she definitely wasn't alone. People have quickly declared fealty to their favorite of the seven hot dads you can date in the game. There's a smoldering, bourbon-swilling, biker jacket-clad bad boy dad who kind of looks like a hot werewolf. There's a longhaired, red eyeshadow-sporting "goth dad" who strongly resembles a vampire, fangs and all. And then there's your slightly less mythical, but no less hot, chubby ginger bear-type dad, preppy dad, and earthy, bespectacled, chill dad with extremely sexy locs.

Oh, there's also a painfully hip daughter character named Amanda of whom Twitter also can't get enough.

She's the player's daughter and she's heading off to college, making space in dear old dad's life to find new love, naturally. And according to details coming out of the Dream Daddy Twitter account in a steady trickle, the wholesome content doesn't stop there.

Basically, prepare for this game to take over your life and the lives of everyone you love, and maybe don't be surprised when come Fall, everyone you know is a suspiciously more tender human.