People Have A Lot Of Feelings About Ken's New Man Bun

Some characters are iconic, and two of them are Barbie and Ken. However, it was high time that the iconic characters diversified, and on Tuesday, Mattel announced that new Ken dolls were coming alongside new Barbies as part of Mattel's Barbie's Fashionista Collection. The new collection features seven new body types and 11 new hairstyles in total. The move is a great way to diversify the line of dolls and should be applauded. It seems, though, that Twitter is particularly enamored of one doll in particular.

Within Mattel's new launch, one of the latest additions was a particular Ken doll who's hairstyle made quite the splash. One of the new dolls most definitely has a man bun, and if you're not familiar with the man bun craze, it's essentially a man who choses to rock a bun. It's become practically synonymous with millenial guys, and it's now driven Twitter into a frenzy.

While there are new hair colors and textures for the "Next Gen Ken" dolls, no one can get enough of man bun Ken. In fact author Stephen King and actor Zach Braff are just two of the famous people who have weighed on Mattel's latest hair choice for Ken. While the celebrity reactions are priceless, they're not the only ones with opinions. In fact, it seems everyone has one and Twitter is lit.

Clearly, Stephen King is a fan.

Others are drawing less favorable but still hilarious comparisons.

Could Ken be a harbinger of end times?

Who doesn't want an avocado accessory?

Leo? Is that you?

But hey, Ken is entitled to his hairstyle choices.

Some, however, seem genuinely pleased about the choice.

If you can't get enough of man bun Ken, it may be time for you to join the Twitter party. If the newly designed Ken has taught us anything, it's that everyone has a lot of feelings about man buns.