Twitter Loves Lilly Pulitzer x Starbucks

Lily Pulitzer

Just when you thought you couldn't add more prints and colors to your life, Lilly Pulitzer has done it again. Combining fashion and function, you can now buy a Lilly Pulitzer x Starbucks water bottle. Of course, with brands like that involved, you know this is no average beverage holder. Fans are freaking out about the new collaboration on Twitter and proving that this is the on-the-go bottle to have.

Fashion fans, rejoice! There's now a trendy water bottle to carry around, so you can look great, be accessorized, and stay hydrated all at the same time. Honestly, this is the prettiest water bottle I've ever seen. There are four different floral patterned Lilly Pulitzer x Starbucks bottles to choose from, and all of them are gorgeous. If you can find one of these at your local Starbucks or when it hits the coffee brand's website later this spring, it will cost you $39.95. You'd better act fast, because some people are already selling the instant cult-classics on eBay for $140.

The bottles were made in conjunction with S'Well. Not only do you get a great pattern with a major brand behind it, but you also get a water bottle that can keep beverages cold for 24 hours too. It really doesn't get better than that. Just look how cute these are.

Lilly Pulitzer

It only makes sense that people would be excited over the collaboration. Here's what Twitter has to say about the new launch, so you can see exactly how big the Pulitzer nation is.

That's a true friend.

How pretty is that!

No shame.

When in doubt, buy them all.

Yes. Yes, you did.